Sun Aug 26

Sunday night 9:00. One hour left before must do bedtime. Been a very tiring day.
To blog or not to blog to write or not to write must decide by next line.
I’m here so blog won. I have already spent several afternoon hours on Book III so think I am due some mindless chatter.
But first, I must report that story has been completed, still a lot of work to do, but I have a story. Has not turned out according to original plan which was to be focused on Myra’s later years. An insignificant character from book II emerged and caused Myra to share. She has been out of control and consuming pages and pages. However, I think you will like her. Myra will be going through the 60s & 70s and viewing turmoil through her TV screen. It will be different.

Why am I so tired? I had 23 children in children’s church today. Used to be that a classroom of 23 was a piece of cake. I enjoyed doing the class, but found years do take a toll on energy level. Fun birthday party for my friend Carolyn Thurs night at Rafferty’s. Discovered a happy hour $1.25 margarita—I highly recommend for birthday party of vintage ladies.
Movie review–if you haven’t yet seen “The Butler” get thee to the picture show. It is great and should be see by everyone. As a bona fide daughter of the South and of the 60s 70s generation, I guarantee it is authentic. Love Robin Williams as Ike.
Put my GA Tech flag out today. Forever loyal to my Rambling Wreck.
As you have figured out, this is a slow news day, but just wanted to say Hi and thanks for the 526 hits.


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