August 13

9:30–waiting for 10:00 to call another time zone—what shall I do? Why not blog.
Good family time last week. All three of my kids (?) at my dinner table at the same time–a rare treat. Tried to do one of their childhood favorites Baked Alaska (it really is simple) Colossal mess–Bought my favorite all natural vanilla–would not get hard enough to attempt the meringue and oven. After through investigation by my deductive reasoning off-springs, determined that all natural ice cream does not contain the ingredient that makes it hard. Later looked on label ingredients of my choice and the store brand & found several ingredients listed that were not on all natural. Asked dairy manager & he confirmed our findings.
Hint — if you want to make Baked Alaska, use cheap ice cream!
I also learned that an old dog can learn new tricks. After complaining that
no spell check on blog, yesterday I learned how to find it. Makes me feel quite stupid to find one right click does it
One chapter to go on book III. I am working for closure but not sad, hard to do.
Just had a new thought on that. Closure is not necessarily an ending but a feeling of content. I am excited about this book because it goes through all the events of the 60s and 70s that touched me so much. How many times must a man turn his head. pretending he just doesn’t see? You know the answer–it’s blowing in the wind. Love Mary Travers. She did have a hammer.
Maybe I should not write in the morning. Far transgressed from a book blog.
Have a good day


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