Thurs Aug 1 11;30 pm

Much too late to be blogging. You are probably sound asleep. Just finished Chapter XXIII of still untitled, and I am tired but wide awake. I am glad you are always there when I can’t sleep.
I am so into the writing and already book has a fan of one–me. It is surprising me that a character has emerged that I did not expect to have a prominent role. She seems to be determined to take over story I had planned for Myra. Now she has gotten into a romance. I can’t control her.
Last week visit from Fran, my friend since kindergarten (Yes, there was kindergarten in the stone age) We had a great reunion and I enjoyed sharing our great city with her. We talked constantly for four days.All was great except except for too much rain and a parking ticket. As I argued with the attendant who was writing my ticket (I honestly did not see the sign that said 15 minute parking) she said, “he is just doing his duty.” Ok, I shut up and paid the ticket. I have missed you since you left, Fran. Facebook post from Erin & family in NYC and now Boston make me envious. Happy for them but I can say been there and loved it.
A big 12:00 just appeared on my screen. It is now Aug 2. Time does pass quickly. Off to bed.


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