June 12

94 pages, and Myra is leading me on. I won’t tell, but you will be very proud of her.
Busy fun week. Trying to start a regular routine of going to gym first thing in morning. That means getting up an hour earlier—we’ll see how long that lasts.
Excited to start volunteering at United Ministries again. I will help with GED essay, which should be rewarding.
Tues. afternoon I saw a hilarous play at Center Stage put on by the talented folks of Rolling Green. My buddy, Johnny Eberline was a “guest performer.” Now that she has walked the red carpet, I don’t know if she will ever return to walking the dog with me.
Best day of all spent with my g-g-grand son. (This his term) We went to book store, pool and then dinner at Moe’s. Doesn’t get any better than that.
Tomorrow I attack the gym again.
Funny but I seem to write more and better when my life is filled with other things.

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