June 6

Again, long time. no blog. I am beginning to think there is an evil demon around whose nurishment is eating up my time. What do you think? The lost days have been filled with good stuff. Sunday we celebrated Allison’s on-coming graduation with a drop-in. Wonderful party with guests from all parts of her life. Everone seemed to enjoy. Missing was grandson, Austin, who is very occupied with his staff job at Camp Gravett. One of his life ambitions.
Now I am consumed with spring spruce up. Some I have contracted out, and the easier ones I am doing myself. It does excite me to see white where dingy gray has been for most of the year.
Book is still alive. I am using all spare bits of time to add a few lines. I am not bragging, but I do like where this is going. The timeline has hit 60’s–which is my era. Don’t expect any confessions! Most of all I am enjoying the writing. It is my best therapy.
Saw Great Gadsby and gave my approval. I think this one really captured FSG morose style. My friend, Johnnie E & I planned to see the Jackie Robinson movie. We stood in line for tickets last Fri only to be told its run ended the day before. Sad, that great movie should have packed the houses for several weeks. Now I will wait for pay per view.
JL Mann Graduation Thurs 7:00 at Furman. Most of family will attend. Very mixed emotions—happy and proud of my girl–but sad that she won’t be around as much. Her values are strong and dedicated to helping make this world a better place for all. My money is on her–she will do it.
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