Wed 6/20

Summer time is here. Planned to walk at 8:00 but temp still above 90′—so better to stay inside with AC. Thinking about Myra picking cotton in such heat and wearing long sleeves to protect from briers. She had no choice like you and I. Thankfully by book III, she could sit on her shady porch and with a nice breeze from her fan.

Saw a really good movie this afternoon, “Oceans Eight”It was a remake of a film I saw long ago but main characters were women instead of men.  Sandra Bullock was great as always.

Now to bed with my sweet kitty and a book by Mary Alice Monroe.  She makes me wish to spend the summer on Isle of Palms or my favorite Folly Beach.

Good night, sweet dreams and pleasant reading.

Shirley   PS   Comments are now usable –so would love to hear from you—if you only say “HI”


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