Sat 6/16/18

Can’t stop singing “Love Never Dies” after seeing the amazing performance at Peace Center. If you loved Phantom of the Opera, the finish to this will touch you deeply. Scenery & lighting like magic. How do they transport this large cast and all things needed from city to city. I will try to stop singing but the words are so dear.

Plans are to get back on book club circuit next month. I miss being with readers but a lazy month has been good for me.

Carly, the kitty, still keeps me entertained and provides sweet love.

If you are blessed enough to still have your father, the father of your children or grandchildren, make it a special day and show your love and appreciation. These times do not last forever. I sent in a tribute to my father for my newspaper column—things I wish I had said to him but never did. perhaps he still reads the Swainsboro Forest Blade.
Happy to have you to share my thoughts.

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