Wed 5/23/18

Hello on a mid week morning—especially a big hello to the 5 friends who have joined me since I last wrote. I will never know this answer—Did 5 folks check in—or did one person check in 5 times. I am happy either way.
I am entering into a time of sorrowful thoughts. Seventeen years ago I had not the slightest clue that my life was soon to change forever. It was not in my agenda to live the rest of my days without the love of my life, my soulmate and the most precious gift I have ever received. All that I have to do to put this in perspective is give thanks foe every moment we shared. Life has been good to me and you, dear readers, have been a large part of my salvation. Thank you for getting to know Myra and wanting to read about her.

Beautiful day and I have plans ahead. I have put a lot of effort into making my patio a peaceful retreat that is a thin place for good thoughts.

I keep the royal wedding in my thoughts and the message from my own dear Bishop, Michael Curry—when loves takes over, amazing things happen. I must tell you that I met him when he was Bishop of North Carolina and gave sermon at ordination of a young priest from my church. His sermon that day was just as arousing (even without royalty) and at the following reception, I told him that he “really raised the rafters” with his sermon. Being a southerner like me, he knew that was a high compliment.

Writing a column for Forest-Blade about politics which is something I have tried hard to avoid. Lately, I have learned that you can be political without being partisan. It is a thin line to respect the beliefs of others without imposing your own. I will try hard.  Those of you who know me well are now rolling your eyes.     Enjoy the remaining week and please keep reading. I need you.


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