Tues 5/15

Hello to all, Today you are first on my To Do list. Ten hits have been made since I last wrote & I hope you had a new read. June 15 already. Where does the time go? I must admit that I spend a lot of my time being entertained by my kitty. My family is getting tired of hearing my kitty tales—but she is just so darn cute—especially when she runs across the inside window ledges chasing the chipmunk race down the outside ledge.
Hope everyone had a Happy celebration of mothers. We all had a mother and even if she is no longer living, memories make you happy. I am often surprised when I make a comment & sound exactly like Inez McIntyre Proctor. I was blessed to be with 2/3 0f my family. Granddaughter, Allison cooked brunch for us which was a real delight. Son, John, served us steaks in the evening. Also, presents to enjoy.
Only writing going on is column for Swainsboro Forest Blade. I am often asked about a new book, but I fear that door has closed (but not locked)—-unless I come up with new characters—what so you think?
Enjoy this lovely day & rain tonight to water the newly planted

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