Wed May 2

The merry month of May offers pleasures ahead. I am trying to ensure this and spent the last two days clipping and “neatening” the outside of my townhome, scrubbing tiles covering my patio and filling a few patio pots with what I hope will be colorful blooms soon.
I did put two tomato plants into the ground because I am an old southern lady and WE MUST GROW TOMATOES as said in the movie “Steel Magnolias”. Looking forward to the delicacy of sliced red ripe tomatoes in a sandwich with mayonnaise on white sliced bread. Don’t say “Yuk” if you haven’t tried it.
Not much going on for me in book world. Most of sales are on line (lots of e-books). I do beam when someone tells me, I am enjoying your book and have it on my Kindle. Wouldn’t Myra be surprised at this modern electronic world. For the next hour I will do some real writing on my column for Swainsboro Forest Blade.. Good night and sweet dreams.

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