Fri night 4/27

Although I am no longer a student or teacher, I still enjoy the feeling of freedom on Friday night. It has been a busy week for me with early rising every day—but tomorrow no alarm and lingering over coffee and paper.
tonight I had a favorite dinner, chicken and dumplings, and lemon pie to boot with two special friends, Carolyn and daughter, Ann from Atlanta. We sat on her back patio in the pleasant early evening and declared that life is beautiful. You might suspect that we also had a few beverages.
Plans for tomorrow are working in my small yard and putting plants that I bought today into pots for patio. My thumb is any shade but green so I need encouragement. Enjoy the weekend and hope you are into a good book. I just finished The Shadow Land by Elizabeth Korsova—highly recommend this masterpiece. I am determined to keep blog rolling, especially since I have added four hits since last time.

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