April 20 Fri

Seven readers have checked in since I last wrote. I am a happy blogger and promise to continue writing often. This has been a busy & exciting week for me. Tuesday I attended Silverfish Book club. One of the very best I have been privileged to share my books. They had read Cotton in Augusta, great & discerning discussion. I relished hearing every word. Lovely lunch—honoring Myra—with fried chicken and pound cake–table decorated with cotton. I was sorry to leave these welcoming friends of Myra. Hope to have honor of sharing the later books.
Thursday I attended a United Ministries sponsored “Transforming LivesTogether” luncheon and was head a presentation by Kathryn Edin author of “Living on $2.00 a Day” Very inspiring and especially so to see the banquet room of the Hyatt filled with folks who are making a difference. Proud to be at table with St Peter’s. Today is birthday of my fantastic granddaughter who is also making a difference to many lives. Happy Grandmother.
I just read a quote regarding cats: “You can’t change the lives of all cats—but can make a difference in the life of the one you own.” I feel this works for everything. You can’t do it all, but you can do something.” My sermon of the day.
Now I sign off to visit Fiction Addiction and take additional copies of Cotton in Augusta. Love to get the message from Jill—“Sold out–Need More”.
Keep in touch. Myra needs your support. Shirley

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