Tis late, but I must say hi, wish you a peaceful, joyful and healthy New Year. 2017 sounds like the opening of a badly scripted science fiction movie I might have seen as a teen. I welcome the new year and hope for the best for all. Sad news for me. My dear kitty, Lorna, has cancer in her stomach & has spread to her lungs. Breaks my heart but I will doctor her with love for as long as she has good days. Sorry to trouble you with that, but I tell you what is in my heart. My Christmas was warm and loving with family, friends, good food, church and special gifts.For you dear readers, I wish you the same. I am writing every chance I get and excited about Book IV, I had experienced my first ever writers block and just could not get past it. I was struggling to present a part that would lead to the purpose of the story. Suddenly I read a passage in my daily devotional book & declared “Thats it”. Still no title, but maybe that will come in the same way. I do want to finish by late spring and get on the summer publishing schedule. I am sure this will be my “swan song” so it has to be completed. Now bed time is calling, and tomorrow will be a good day. Sleep well and enjoy your dreams.

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