Jan 2, 2016

Happy New Year Dear Readers, may this 2016 be know as the year peace came to our planet. Strange happening–I wrote a Christmas blog at the end of Christmas Day and it has now disappeared. I hope some of you were able to read before this mystery happened. I opened blog after posting, and it was there—now it is gone. Is there a post eating virus going around? If someone had that ability, I am sure it would happen.
Good New Year’s Eve with good friend, watching a very gratifying football game with lots of snacks & a good beverage or two. I seldom watch an entire football game. I am a fully declared GA Tech fan but only watch occasionally, but this night I was all for the school down the road from my home. They made me proud. New Year’s Resolutions are made—how many will be kept? Good & busy week ahead. Book Club at Aldersgate Methodist on Mon. I have been there before and always feel especially proud to be invited again. The rest of week is devoted to The Faith of a Mockingbird. The study group I am leading is near, Jan 13. I am so into this that I feel as if Scout is living with me. It early morning, and I haven’t had breakfast (and most important coffee). Sometimes once I start at the computer, I cannot stop and this is one of those times. I was disappointed that Christmas blog did not reach you, and I could not let that happen. Again the happiest, healthiest, peacefullest on new years & Keep a good book going. Shirley

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