Mon morning 4/27

Happy Day after a great weekend at Blue Ridge Bookfest. This is one of the pleasures that writing books have given to me. I always love Flat Rock NC (have you noticed that I have been there for two straight weekends?). Fri night we enjoyed a luscious buffet of food & wine & then heard one of the most awesome keynote speakers ever. Joe Galloway was a war correspondent all through Viet Nam. His book “We Were Soldiers and Young” was an intimate & person account of this horrible war by someone who was there with the troops. Book became the movie “We Were Soldiers” with Mel Gibson. If, like me, you have searched for insight into this time, I highly recommend the read. However, I won’t be reading for awhile—I quickly had four guys ask to borrow—so I gave them first option. Sat was the day for thirty authors to sit at tables and hopefully sign purchased books. I have to say that my books were not best sellers. Most folks were buying the keynote book & that was good to know. I am not disappointed with sales for I enjoyed the company of other authors—a few successful and well knows, but most like me and writing to share their stories. I made a new author friend who shared my table and hope she will make a visit to Greenville. Best reward of the weekend was returning home with new interest in going forth with several projects I had neglected. #1 on list of goals is to continue quest to tape books for Books for the Blind.
I am able to blog this morning because I am trapped upstairs while The Merry Maids clean my house. I finally decided that this is a must if I am to have a clean habitat. My kids have forbidden me top climb on ladders–so that is a good excuse. Today I am thankful for all the above and look forward to more Mondays like this! Thanks for checking in and reading my thoughts. You are a treasure.


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