Tues 4/14

I was excited to check blog tonight since I have been away for a few days. Nineteen hits since last time. I hope you found something new. I hate to think of a reader taking time to check in & finding the same thing as before—so I do want to add more.
Folly Beach was a great get away. Not beach weather, but for me I am happy to walk, sit on beach or porch and just watch the waves. I love looking at the homes and determining their ages. I had a mission to find The Porgy House after I read in Dorthea Benton Frank’s book that Gershwin had lived there with the Haywoods while he wrote music for Porgy & Bess. I searched & found address—which was one street over from our house. I walked up & down the street several times but no luck. Then I learned that the street continues beyond the downtown. Found it, took a picture & thought about all the magical words written inside the house.
Why did I schedule carpet cleaners the day I returned from trip????
Now I have spent two days removing all the breakables & then returning to their places. However, clean carpets are uplifting. Since my bookcases were empty, I thought it would be a good time to eliminate a few so I have enough room to store more—as you probable guessed—very fewe made it to the book sale box.. I must be tougher on myself for I have no room for more bookshelves.
In case you are a reader who has asked about Lorna’s welfare. She does not like for me to go away and sits beside my suitcase before I leave. . Her “Aunty Janet” spoils her while I am away, but she still puts a guilt trip on me.
Hope next time, I will have more interesting things to share. I would love to tell you that Myra to Laura made NY Times top ten, sales just hit a million or even that a movie is in the works—that would be nice, but I can be happy that it is being read and I hope enjoyed.
Have the week you enjoy and fill with good friends and good reading.


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