July 19

Surprise, I have not forsaken the blog, but time has been hard to find except for completing work on new book. I can not call this by the title From Myra to Laura. You will have to read the complete book to get the significance of the title. The cover is a tabby church with a long heritage—you will understand the significance of church also after reading. I think you get the hint—you must read the book. I am faxing my signed release to publish Mon am—so hopefully, you will have that opportunity soon. I do hope I am not being pushy. I think I am writing to friends of Myra, so I know you will not be offended.
It has been a long and sometimes difficult process. I love the writing, but publishing does not happen quickly or easily. I am looking forward to having it in my hand , on the shelves and on line. Many are choosing to read from e-readers. Along with being available for Kindle and Nook, you can now put Myra on a KOBO. That is a Canadian company. I have one and do enjoy it. I especially like playing around with the letters of KOBO and turning into BOOK.
I have learned a few things about myself while spending so much time in my little upstairs room and facing the computer.
1. Computers always act up when your are in desperate need and your personal geek is out of touch.
2. Some of my best work is done in Pajamas before others are awake.
3. it is possible to survive most of the day eating Cheerios from the box.
4. It is ok to talk with imaginary people. If someone should hear, you can say you were talking to the cat.
5. Most of all after three experiences, I now am willing to say “the mistake was mine”

There’s lots more but not for tonight. This is Sat night & that means my favorite TV show, Doc Martin. I am president of his fan club. Would you like to join?

Time to say good night when chatter gets this ridiculous. So Good night and thanks for reading.


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