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Saturday, November 19th, 2016

On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, I wish my reader friends all the blessings, peace & joy of giving thanks for the things we have received. I feel like sharing my thankfulness with my favorite folks. Right now it would be easy to list concerns but I have faith that these will be addressed by the one with more power than any of us. The last few months have been trying for me as i recovered from the trauma of broken bones. Today I can say thankfully I am almost back to a good place. Good medical care, friends and family has made this possible. Most of my family will gather for the Thanksgiving feast and festivities. Preparation of all our favorite dishes are divided among many hands, so an easy relaxing day of fun, laughs and lots of turkey. Along with the thanks for the big things, I am very content with enjoying the simple things—good books, a treasure of recorded oldie movies, the adoration of my fifteen year old kitty—family and friends close by—opportunities for service—stories to write and for the man whose spirit is always at the head of our table. Cold winter days are very inviting to writing. My hope is finish up this last book in time for summer publication. Wish me luck. Shirley


Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

What’s on my mind—lots. I try hard not to comment on any political remarks on e-mail or social media. Since I have a lot of opinions, this is difficult. I have found a way out. I write a response either agreeing or disagreeing and then I delete without sending. I get to vent this way and also avoid getting into a controversy. You, dear readers, I support in every way.
Now help me decide. There is a lot of work and revision to be done if I am to publish book IV. After the long siege with broken bones, I am overwhelmed with other tasks—but I do have a story to finish. Should I put aside everything that isn’t essential to survival and knock this book out before summer? I do know I am content when I am writing.
Last Thursday I had a great experience and I wish you had been there with me. (Perhaps you were since I do not know who your identity.). Thanks to Jill Hendrix and Fiction Addiction along with many others I had lunch at the elegant Poinsett Club with Cassandra King aka Mrs. Pat Conroy. She shared a recently published book, A Low Country Heart, collection of unpublished and informal writings of Pat. This is a treasure. I know how difficult this was for her to do but also an expression of love. It is for sale now, and you will feel very near to this author’s heart. Cassandra signed each book “In Memory of Pat.” He will be missed, but he left us a legacy of stories. Cassandra said that Pat’s goal was to write 5 pages a day. I can do that! I’ll be back. Don’t give up on me. Shirley