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Oct, 17

Monday, October 17th, 2016

Oct seems to be speeding away. Happily I can say that each day my arm seems to improve. it has been a long siege since July 10, but I am now aware of all the benefits of having two workable arms. Very thankful.
I am continually asked about progress on Book IV but still have to say, “Not Yet.” I am happy to hear there is still interest, so it will come. From my limited writing before the accident, I left heroine in a bad spot, so I must find a better path for her. Does that tweet your interest?

Oct 09

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

Hello dear friends–especially the +17 who have checked in since I last wrote. The past few days have been occupied with hurricane. I hope that any of you in the path of Matthew are in your homes safe, dry and with no damage. Two of my grandchildren evacuated, Austin from St Augustine and Jessica from Charleston. They hope to return home tomorrow and find no serious damage. Hurricane and Charleston together bring bad memories of Hugo. Thankfully, this seems to have treated SC kinder. Beautiful fall day in Greenville with blue skies, white marshmallow clouds and comfortably cool. I plan to take my first walk since “the accident.”
Today I got more of an incentive to get busy on book IV. With the former three, I have had a title and Bible verse before writing story. I have been dry on this until this morning in church. That is how I got Joy in the Morning and does seem like a likely place for inspiration. The Second Reading of Lesson for today gave me the verse. I will keep that as a surprise—but spoiler alert—If you are an Episcopalian you heard the same verse in church this morning. Now I have a verse, cover photo but where will I find a title.
Tonight is Presidential Debate—-OH MY.
Thanks for your loyalty to Myra. I will be back soon.