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Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Things are improving. I am now wearing a much smaller & less heavy brace made from suede instead of metal. I can do some things better—but not all. Looks like six more weeks of infirmity for me—now I know how the groundhog feels on a sunny Feb 2.
Two folks have checked in since my last post. To whoever you might be, I am very grateful.
To readers of my Forest Blade column, new ones have just been sent & one is very special.
Now I must get ready to go to therapy.Since driving will continue on my can’t do list, I thank my friends.
I am taking advantage of my e-reader. Hope you are well, able & enjoying good books. Shirley


Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

I AM TRYING SO HARD TO GET BACK INTO REAL LIFE BUT FRANKLY SOMETIMES I JUST CAN’T. THEN MYRA STARTS TO SCOLD ME. DO YOU THINK I HAVE BEEN INSIDE TOO LONG????? Hopefully I am now on the downside of freeing my arm from what seems like 10 pounds of hardware. Thanks for sticking with me as I lament.
Positive note is that I can now type with 3 fingers.
That encouraged me to start more columns for the good ol’ Forest Blade down there in Swainsboro GA.
Again, thanks for continuing to check in and for your comments. Shirley


Monday, August 8th, 2016

still two finger typing with no caps—fingers won.t stretch to the shift. delighted to find 11 new hits even when I have not been writing. frankly, I have just languished and done nothing but feel sorry for myself—not good, myra would scold me! doctor visit today was encouraging that healing is happening and possibly all my metal will be removed in few weeks. pray or put in a good word for me however you choose.
I am eager to have my life back and book five is rattling in my head. thanks for continuing to check and I promise to write a few lines often. love your comments.
hope you are well and enjoying life. never again will I take having two working hands for granted. miss driving, peeling a banana, cutting meat among much more.