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July 20, 2016

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

This is Carolyn. I am Shirley’s daughter in law and filling in for today because she is a bit out of sorts. You see, she tripped on July 10 and broke (well better word, shattered) her wrist and is not up to typing yet. But, you know Shirley, she still has a lot she’s been thinking about so she wanted to catch up here. So you’ve got me.
She’s been amazing with this because she had to have surgery to repair the multiple broken bones and now has a contraption on the outside of her arm as well as a cast holding it all in place. She was quickly back on her feet and is getting around well and working on getting that hand back in shape (which is a bit tough because it hurts although she’s strong and dealing with it with just Tylenol – her doc is going to be thrilled). We’re not sure when she gets her arm back – it will take a bit for all those little bones in her hand to heal but I can’t imagine she’s going to let this slow her down for long. It’s not like her to be idle. I know she’s aching to write again. We’ll keep you posted on her progress. She’s had an outpouring of support from family and friends and her church. She will enjoy hearing from you too!
Hope you are having a great summer!

July 1 Fri

Friday, July 1st, 2016

You’re back—seven hits since last time. Maybe the Facebook post helped. I am still inhibited with typing. Stitches removed from my right hand—but now two stitches and bandage on one finger of left hand. Took me three attempts to type in password. Can’t complain for this will come to an end. June passed before I was ready, but never should have expected to complete my “to do” list for the month. Welcome July—I will forge ahead. #1 joy is that writing has been productive. I now have one chapter on the novelette and think I see where it is going. I won’t give details for I hope you will want to read—but without Myra, this must take a different turn. I am doing research on time, events, location, politics, and well just about everything. It brings back a time when I was totally out of my comfort zone & memories are flooding me but cannot rely on memory. Did I get your attention?
Love to see all the flags flying in my neighborhood for July 4. No matter how chaotic things have become, isn’t it great to be an American. Enjoy the holiday weekend, eat BBQ & give thanks for our freedom. Shirley