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Thurs 6/23

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Oh happy day. 5 readers have checked the blog since I last wrote—or did one reader check in 5 times. Either way I am very happy that my little blog is no longer dormant. Please keep checking. I love to be happy. If one or all of those hits were you, Pricilla, thank you thank you.
Good night of writing last night and now I am ready to start research on novella. I owe up to my valiant 5. Shirley

Mon 6/21

Monday, June 20th, 2016

Happy Summer. This is the longest day of the year, and I am excited that maybe I can complete my to do list on this long day. You are #2 (checking mail was #1) Twelve stitches in my right hand has rather inhibited my computer use but healing is happening & stitches out next week. My hits have only increased by the number of times I have checked in, so I am afraid you gave up during my long hiatus caused by website problems. Please come back. I will try to reach you via a Facebook post. From associating with other authors I learned the term “In the Zone” which means your writing vibes are working & writing is happening. I am enthused to be adding another short story to what I hope will be the published collection of short stories and a novella. I just couldn’t get started on the novella and then I realized that there was still a minor character from books that should have his story told. Guess who? I am finding him fascinating.
If you are a father, have a father or had a father or father figure and father of your children, I hope you honored yesterday. I was blessed with a father who left me a heritage of stories and insights. For many years I only found his faults, but have realized that his influence is the most dominant part of me. My children’s father was a champion in every way. His only fault was he left us too soon. However, each day with him was a blessing.

Mon 6/13

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Testing—day 2—all seems fine—perhaps now I can get this out of my thoughts and onto writing a novella. Shirley

Sun 6/12

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Little time to write, but I have to keep checking to see if I can still logon. So far/so good. Hope you are having a lovely Sun. I went to early church 8:30, home to enjoy the big paper, nap, a little cleaning to do, then neighborhood party and home in time to watch the Tonys. Tonight is really special with Barbara Streisand’s appearance after a long absence and a lot of Hamilton. Broadway shows are magical to me. I have seen few on Broadway but see several each year at our Peace Center. So that’s all for now. Thank you if you have checked in—if you haven’t, I hope you give it another. I am here. Shirley

Sat 6/11

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

So happy to be back after a long time of frustration.  Blog was not accepting my user name or password.  Many trials to no avail. Finally, yesterday my service rep from publisher found how to make it work.  I have missed you and I hope you’ll have deserted me for another writer’s blog.  I will continue checking hits & hopefully at least one new hit will be there.  There is so much to catch up but I will try to hit the high spots. Several good book events during the time.  Senior Action read Cotton in Augusta and had a great discussion.  I hope they will continue to read Myra’s story.  Trip to GA mainly for fun, but Coleman House had sold many and need to restock.  Also left Myra to Laura at the Community Cultural Center of East GA College.  They already had the first two. Love my home town & so proud when the home folks read my work.  Have I mentioned that I am now writing a weekly for the Swainsboro Forest Blade newspaper.  I am not bragging just filled with pride that the column is well received and many comments.  My dad also wrote a column for the Blade so hope I am keeping a family tradition.

Missed going to Blue Ridge Bookfest this year because I had a nasty little illness.  Today I made up for that and spent the day in Flat Rock doing all the things that make that little place so special–including the best trout I have ever eaten.  Did miss seeing the authors at bookfest so hope to be there next year—maybe with my own newly released book.

I am enthused about writing and hope to devote the summer to finish up what I am sure will be my last writings.  I have completed six short stories but still need to put in better form.  This week I will start the novella that will carry Laura into a later time of her life.  I am on foreign territory (literally) on this so I have work to do.

Even if I no longer have readers, it is good to be writing again.

I will be back.    Shirley

Saturday, June 11th, 2016

Yea, my logon troubles have been fixed. I will be back with a message tonight. Thank you Xlibris!!!!