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Thursday, January 14th, 2016

I am a little keyed after just finishing my first session of leading a four week study of The Faith of a Mockingbird. How well did I do? it is hard for me to tell. Folks said that it was good—-but would they tell me otherwise. I am always hard on myself for I want to give a group something that is meaningful. Perhaps I am just feeling inadequate to have discussed one of my all time heroes, Harper Lee. Now I have cleared my thoughts with you, I shall move on.
Invitation for another book club that is reading Cotton in Augusta. I am amazed that this continues to be the book most in demand. I love it and hope it continues. Next Wed I have to be prepared to present Atticus which should be a labor of love. He reminds me of my own father so much, wearing a summer seersucker suit & panama hat. My father had a great love of justice also. So much of who I am came from him, but I did not appreciate that until long after he was gone. I am getting a little too sentimental so maybe it is time for bed. Thank you for always being loyal readers. Shirley

Jan 2, 2016

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

Happy New Year Dear Readers, may this 2016 be know as the year peace came to our planet. Strange happening–I wrote a Christmas blog at the end of Christmas Day and it has now disappeared. I hope some of you were able to read before this mystery happened. I opened blog after posting, and it was there—now it is gone. Is there a post eating virus going around? If someone had that ability, I am sure it would happen.
Good New Year’s Eve with good friend, watching a very gratifying football game with lots of snacks & a good beverage or two. I seldom watch an entire football game. I am a fully declared GA Tech fan but only watch occasionally, but this night I was all for the school down the road from my home. They made me proud. New Year’s Resolutions are made—how many will be kept? Good & busy week ahead. Book Club at Aldersgate Methodist on Mon. I have been there before and always feel especially proud to be invited again. The rest of week is devoted to The Faith of a Mockingbird. The study group I am leading is near, Jan 13. I am so into this that I feel as if Scout is living with me. It early morning, and I haven’t had breakfast (and most important coffee). Sometimes once I start at the computer, I cannot stop and this is one of those times. I was disappointed that Christmas blog did not reach you, and I could not let that happen. Again the happiest, healthiest, peacefullest on new years & Keep a good book going. Shirley