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Thurs 10/29

Friday, October 30th, 2015

Hello & thank you to my thirteen faithful blog friends who have checked in since I last wrote. Hope you are still checking and others are joining. This is a good night for meandering thoughts—raining and two nights before Halloween. My son-in-law started a family tradition of making a big pot of chili on Halloween for any friends or family who drops by. ┬áIn the past I stayed at their house to give out treats while they walked their little kids around. I loved seeing all the little goblins & witches and especially the clever definitely home-made costumes. That was all my kids ever wore with only a store-bought mask. Now the grandkids have outgrown trick or treat & finding their fun elsewhere. The pot of chili is still cooked, and we still sit on the steps and greet the neighborhood trick or treat gang—now an established family tradition. Still working on short story, “The Country Bride” which shows more of the life of one of my favorite characters. Take a guess. The more I write on these stories—the more I am enjoying.
I just learned from Facebook that this is National Cat Day. I never knew, but now I understand why Lorna is always so miffed at me on Oct. 29. I must write on my calendar for next year. I think if I asked her what she wanted most it would be for me to stay home with her except for going to the store to buy cat food and yogurt. Now this is getting a little too ridiculous, but Halloween is near and strange things can happen. Please stay in touch. When I see you have checked in, I am overjoyed. May all your spooks be smiling and friendly. Shirley

Tues 10/21

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

True to my word of yesterday. I just wrote five pages on new short story “The Country Bride.” Who do you think this might be? Remember all the character in these stories are old friends from one of the books. Stay tuned for further progress.

Mon 10/19

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

Dear Blog Friends, Tonight is perfect for blogging. Nice and cool, new sweatshirt, pot of soup shared with neighbor, home all day and completed my to do list for the day. Time to celebrate, and what better way than with you. I am an autumn girl, always has been my favorite season. So Happy Autumn to you.
New set of columns for Forest Blade has been sent to them and I am excited each week when one is published. Greatest comment has been from a “little girl” who was my playmate so many years ago and wrote “Thank you for mentioning me.” I have spent most of my available time preparation for study group on To Kill a Mockingbird. I ordered and watched the movie again since the first time was too many years ago. Now reading the book for the second time in recent weeks. I am finding a much deeper meaning than I experienced years ago. When we announce the dates for the study group at my church, perhaps you might like to join us. Now to the best decision I think I have made. I WILL WRITE ONE SHORT STORY EACH WEEK. Let’s see how that works out. Tomorrow is Short Story Day.
Enjoy these autumn days and stock up on books for the cold days. Shirley

Wed 10/7

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

My mind, my heart and many prayers are with Columbia and Charleston. All of my family in those areas are
safe, and my dear granddaughter, Allison, is secured in her USC dorm. She is bonded to her responsibilities there during this crisis. I am proud that her concern for others comes ahead of anything. I just ordered a tee shirt “South Carolina Strong” I am proud of my adopted state and the way we have stood strong for this and other horrific events. I have hibernated during this time and enjoyed catching up on many things. Such as, preparing for a study group at my church on The Faith of a Mockingbird—connecting Christ and culture. I love the book and have gotten so much closer to the connection with the studying I have been doing. Will be presented sometime after Christmas. You might enjoy.
Yesterday one of my blessed unknown readers saw me in the post office and said, “I am waiting for your next book.” I thanked her and thought “So am I”. Hearing from a reader is an unexplainable joy!
If any of you are in the reading area of Swainsboro Forest Blade, I hope you have checked out my column. This is lots of fun for me, and my mind seems to be a kaleidoscope when it goes back to the past, and my childhood in this special little town.
Pray for sunny days, all the dams to remain secure, needed relief to arrive and life to resume for all in my state who are hurting.