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Fri 9/25

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

Hello, I’m back. I am overwhelmed to find 48 hits since I last blogged. Thank you whoever you are. (Deb, I am happy to know you are one of the 48) Sorry that you found nothing new until now. I do have a valid excuse. I have been away for a family death/funeral in south GA. Lovely boy & gone too soon. My heart breaks for his mother & wife.
Rainy days ahead so should catch up on all I have neglected except rainy days are really good times to read.

I continually realize that many of my all time favorite things are becoming obsolete. I was requested to make gingerbread for dinner with my daughter. Of course I went looking for a mix. Surprised when I found only one brand that makes a gingerbread mix. Maybe I should have bought all on the shelf because going, going will soon be gone. Could it be that the obsolete one is me!!
During the time I was away I met a man from Alabama that who had read my books and that made me proud. Also, I talked with a man, Jerry Pryor, who had worked with my mother on the newspaper in my hometown many, many years ago. He said, “She taught me everything I know about small town newspapers.” That made me very happy. She must have done a good job because he was an editor of his hometown paper until he retired.
Now I must decide where I want to go from here. I am often asked to continue the tales with Laura as the lead. That could be a novella at the end of the short stories. What do you think? Sorry I’ve have nothing tonight but chit chat but I did want to check in. I am still finishing Greg Illes “The Bone Tree” and have Fanny Flag’s new one on my bedside table to be next. To you, dear readers, I wish happy days and good reading. Shirley
PS Lorna is a happy cat to have her mama home.

Thurs 9/17

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Lots on my mind for lots has happened since I last wrote on 9/3. I hope my tardiness hasn’t discouraged you from checking in. You are much more loyal that I deserve, but please continue.
l last week Myra & I were invited to a circle meeting of ladies at Aldersgate Methodist Church. It was a lovely gathering with the members & some guests. All had read Cotton in Augusta and wanted to know more about Myra. I cannot fully tell you how great that makes me feel. Thank you, ladies of Aldersgate Wed circle. You were so good to me. I was motivated to write, write, write—but did not follow through. Company came, and I had lots of fun showing off Greenville. I spent last weekend in Charleston, playing with my two smallest grandsons. The two year old & I really bonded over a book I had brought for him. I must have read “The Button Book” (can’t remember the correct title, but it was all about buttons) ten times. That’s my boy. I have a new project of possibly leading a study group on “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I think that will be awesome, but when to schedule? I have enough columns for my hometown newspaper ahead for several weeks—so the next step is to get back to the short stories. When I mention the short stories at book groups, I always get the suggestion that I should continue the sequel with Laura. I don’t think I have enough of whatever it takes for that. However, what you do you think about adding a novella (actually, a longer short story) about her at the end? Sleepy time is here, so I will say goodnight before I start making many mistakes. Thank you for reading, Shirley

Sept 2 Wed

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Hello, It is late, I am sleepy and have to arise early tomorrow, but I just feel the need to say hello. 24 hits since I last wrote & I thank each of you. Since I last wrote I have visited my dear friend at Lake Keowee,one of my favorite places to relax and enjoy. The time was mainly filled with sitting on porch which is in top of trees and talking, talking–we never are at a lack for more talk. Thank you, Deb, for the good time I have been needing. Busy week after returning. I start out with two things on my calendar and suddenly it is filled. That is good.
Call from Fiction Addition to bring more books. That is good. Cotton in Augusta continues to be the best seller. I hope that means all those readers will continue with next two books. Column is being printed in my hometown paper. I haven’t been able to get on line yet but it was published in last week’s edition. It is a weekly paper. Both of my parents were on the staff and it makes me very proud to be a part of the Forest Blade again. Tomorrow downtown to visit M.Judson bookstore to check on books I left for them to review. Friday I have lunch with my daughter to celebrate her birthday. How could my children be reaching these ages when I remain so young! Next week I look forward to taking Myra to meeting of Aldersgate Women. Now my eyes are getting heavy, Lorna is ready for her nightly treat and then bed and a chapter of “The Bone Tree.” Hope you are well and enjoying each day and some good reading. Shirley