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Sat 8/22

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

Happy Saturday,
This is a perfect time to chat on the blog. Sat afternoon and too early for dinner—too late to start any chores. I am ready for a chat with you. I visited the McCormick County Library for a talk and signing Thurs evening. My second visit and I love to be in this library and with the supporters of the library. Most had read first two books so excellent discussion. We went through the different world for Myra in Book III. I always have to say that this book is written from my heart. It is still hard to accept that some of the events actually happened in my lifetime. I hope you have all read From Myra to Laura, and if not, I hope you do. I do not mean this just to sell books, but because I think it will be meaningful for you.
I had a real treat to stay overnight in Hickory Knob State Park. My first trip, and I found it such a great place in every way. When I arrived several deer, mamas& fawns were grazing on front lawn of lodge. The next morning they were replaced by small animals that I thought were rabbits until I saw their tails—armadillos. Lovely place for a relaxing overnight stay and longer if you are a golfer or boater.
Still hopping on foot but improving. I sat in chair to give my talk at McCormick which I dislike but kept the foot comfortable.
McCormick readers were very interested in my attempts at book of short stories & invited me to return with Book III. No promises but will keep trying.
I hope your are enjoying a weekend of all that makes you happy. I am set to start Greg Isles “The Bone Tree” after dinner and then an early bedtime. Early church tomorrow. Thanks for checking in with twenty-six new hits!

Thurs Aug 13

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Hello Friends, Only nine days since last post so getting better. I am in a strange predicament right now. Last Fri I had a need to visit several places on Main Street. If you are familiar with Greenville, you know that is a long walk. Don’t know why but mid way between M. Judson (our great new downtown bookstore) and Mast Store, pain started in my foot–did not fall or turn ankle–not a clue as to why.  X-ray determined it is not a stress fracture as first thought but a sprained ligament. Only treatment is to STAY OFF THE FOOT and will heal in 2-3 weeks.  Following the orders very difficult!  It is nice to have an excuse to stay home and do pleasant things like reading, writing and blogging.  However, I have some must dos (That is plural of do–not two in Spanish) such as seeing The Return of Beetles at Little Theatre & out of town book event.  Optimistically, I am sure I will heal on double time.

I am still enjoying trying my hand at short story writing.  Let me run this past you.   Would you like to know more about the life of Olieta, Myra’s father,  Mrs. Rosenberg, Rosa, and the sister relationship of Idella and Laura James?  This is what I have completed so far, and I have learned more about each. They did have a life and not just a mention in Myra’s world.  Of course, they must be covered in less than twenty pages.  I kinda feel like this is a new toy for me.

Hopefully, I will be walking normally next time we meet.  If you are a teacher, your summer has ended—for other friends enjoy rest of your summer.  It was always exciting for me to start a new school year.     Cheers,  Shirley


Tues 8/4

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Look at me bogging on Tues at 10:00 am. I have missed you and wanted to check in. Thanks to the thirteen who have read my wanderings since last I checked. Early riser to beat the heat and plant Lenten roses given to me by a friend. Thanks, Betty, I will enjoy. I should try early rising more often because I have already eaten breakfast, read entire newspaper and completed necessary chores. Now I will allot fifteen minutes to blog and two hours to writing. Surprisingly, I am really enjoying my attempt at short stories. This is like eating fast food—sometimes it is just hits the spot. I have completed draft of four little ones and asked a friend to read. She “said” she enjoyed and wanted more—but would a friend tell me otherwise!!! Big announcement in Greenville News that the new M.Judson bookstore has opened in downtown G’ville. I have looked forward to this. I will visit Fri and hopefully Myra & Co will find a place on their shelves. Did I tell you I am going next to, McCormick Library, one of my favorite venues on—oops—my family cautions me not to publish dates I will be away. Library visits in small towns are great because it is treated as a special event. Now my time is up and I imagine you are ready to end also. Take care—stay cool (in every way) and enjoy some great books . Shirley