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Wed 7/22

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Big day—my grandson became 22yrs and this weekend goes with the swim team he is coaching to state meet in Columbia—his first business trip! Granddaughter, Allison, lands in Atlanta tomorrow and ends her trip to South Africa. Oh the tales she will tell.
Thirteen hits since last blog. Thank you, thank you.
I have now completed two short stories. I didn’t say good short stories, but both are 12-13 pages and I did reach a place to say STOP. I am enjoying this far more than I ever expected.
Also, I have more available time. After struggling to break the addiction to spider solitaire, suddenly it has become inoperable from my computer. Don’t know why and somewhat a mystery, but maybe the message of my wasted time reached the right ear. Anyway it is gone, and I shall not ask one of my smart grandkids to find it for me. I promise.
I have finished Go Set a Watchman by beloved Harper Lee. I am satisfied that the book does not tarnish the image of Atticus. My opinion is reviewers who make that claim  just do not understand the times and the man. Now that’s my opinion and you are welcome to yours.
Back in a few days. Shirley

Thurs 7/16

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

How does a writer know when she is really “in the zone” (term I have learned from other writers that means “with it”)? When she wakes up in the night with a line that absolutely must be added to story and sits down first chance in the morning to do this. How do you know when a blogger really values her readers? When she immediately wants to share her idiocy. That would be me. Have a nice day. Shirley

Wed 7/15

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Hello Friends, I must share this with you—I have completed a short story of twelve pages. I wish I could run it by you and hear your comments. This is a new learning experience for me but I like what I have done. I just have to come to terms that “a short story must be short”—hence the genre “short story.” I have to restrain myself to move on to the next. I kept thinking of more I could add. Tomorrow I will try to start another and hopefully another & then another. Lorna just jumped onto my lap and seems to be her to encourage or maybe to annoy.
Wonderful time last evening with old friends from my Washington Center days. There is no better company than a group of old special educators. Thanks to Becky & Catherine for getting us together. I found, but did not order, a special educator tee shirt that said “Special Education teachers are classy, sassy & a bit smart assy. You would have to have spent long days in a classroom with great special kids to really appreciate that! In my teaching days I would have ordered to wear on in service days.
I will ask a friend to read the new short story and ask for an honest opinion not just a compliment. It will be valuable if I can get that.
Not much else to pass on. I have worked for a week and produced twelve pages.
Stay cool and I do mean cool. Shirley

Fri 7/10

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

t is a Good Day in South Carolina. Gone—Down–such lovely words. I am very proud of my adopted state, and the peaceful, gracefull and respectful way this delicate time has evolved. The flag is gone but I still have my heritage in my heart where it will remain. Nuf said on that except that this has been an emotional time for me.
Thank you to the ten readers who have visited the blog since I last wrote—or is this one reader who has checked in ten times. Either way I am overjoyed when I see the numbers increase.
It is now official. The writing bug has permanently grabbed me again. I am into a short story on one of the characters, and I keep thinking of more and more ways to make it interesting. One of my all time favorite authors, Ann B Ross of “Miss Julia” fame has just published a novel on one of her characters other than Miss Julia. It is my next read & I hope to learn some tips from this master.
Very happy to receive a call from a friend “down home'” in GA to request books to give to friends that I know well. Thanks, Sarah, that means a lot to me.
I will cut this short and get back my story.
Keep cool as much as possible in these 90′ days