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Tues 6/30

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Hello to all of you, dear readers, This will be a 15 min blog because I think I have been writing more that you might care to read & also I have to get back to work on other things—like shortening what I intend to be a short story. I always do not want to say goodbye to June. It is such a lovely month & when I was a teacher I knew the end meant there was less summer vacation to enjoy. I can’t say that I have accomplished much during June, but I have enjoyed thoroughly. Fri July 3, Fiction Addition will celebrate Indy Day & a parade of independent or small press authors (sometimes referred to as Underdog writers)¬†will be present for signings all day. The hour of 12:30-1:30 will be filled by Susan Williamson, a friend from the Blue Ridge Bookfest. Her book is Turkman Captives and sounds really intriguing. I didn’t get a chance to buy at BlueRidge but I will be there Fri to purchase a copy and have signed. I hope many of you will be there to support Jill Hendrix, the owner, and meet these authors. I have presented my books there twice—but I no longer qualify since it is a showcase for new books & rising authors. As I mentioned earlier I am busy “shortening short stories”. I don’t know if I can fit into this category. I can’t seem to stop at a reasonable number of pages. I did make a decision about my future writing. I have questioned if I should continue but then came to the conclusion that I love to write. Therefore, I will continue to write for my own pleasure and possibly for the pleasure of future readers. What do you think?


Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Hello, I’m finally back on the blog with lots to tell. Twenty-seven hits since I last wrote. Thank you dear readers and please forgive my negligence to blog. I just returned from trip to my homeland–south GA. It always renews me to see some of the old places still standing and that includes many dear faces. Usual feast at Coleman House with my friend since first grade, Annette. Spent afternoon and evening with her. We never stop talking and can always complete any tale brought up by the other. I am so thankful to have folks like her in my life. Then on to the city of Norristown, population 11, to be with my 90 year old lifelong friend, Melvie.
Never question the resilience of a Georgia lady. She is in wheelchair, lives alone & takes care of all of her needs. I think it is enabled by her sausage & grits breakfast every morning. Love being with her. Note that she is in the acknowledgements of all three books. There would be no books without her tales. She truly fills the bill as “my muse.”
Coleman House continues to be one of my best sales spots. They display books prominently in gift shop & I always get a thrill when there just for lunch & someone comes over and says, “You’re the one who wrote the books.” I very proudly say “Yes”
Sad sad time for dear South Carolina. Things like this are not supposed to happen any where and certainly not in a church in Charleston, our Holy City. These are truly nine martyrs who will always be remembered. I must go on record that I have pictures of both of my great-grandfathers wearing Confederate uniforms. They look no more than eighteen. I have always been told the tale that my G-G grandfather Proctor walked home from Virginia. This is family history that will always be cherished BUT take down the flag from the SC capitol grounds. It should have never been placed there. I am southern to the core but cannot respect the cause this flag has come to represent. Enough said, and I hope I haven’t imposed my feelings on you.
Now I will say good night and hope I did not rant on too much. You are the best.  Shirley

Wed June 3

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Birds, birds not to mention the squirrels. I seem to be feeding the population of Greenville County. As soon as I refill my feeders they clean it out. I would do this less, but every time the feeders are empty Lorna sits on the window sill looking forlornly at the empty feeders and then eyeing me like I am uncaring. I can’t stand that look, so I regularly refill and then head to Ace Hardware to buy more.
I could not resist blogging tonight. As you see, I have little of interest but I am enjoying the wonderful June weather. No AC yet just ceiling fans, windows open and nice breeze to sit on patio and read in late afternoon.. Oh Carolina, nothing could be finer. My writing exercise for today has been a play with puppets for Children’s Church next Sunday. I took a lot of liberty with the holy bible, but I think little ones will get the message. Planning trip to GA in a couple of weeks. I will visit the Coleman House so I just might see you there.
Storm seems to be headed our way, so I will close down. I hear thunder so lightening will be coming too. Stay safe, stay cool (in every way) and read keep reading.
One last thought from a TV sit com I saw—“If when you are writing a book you are a writer, when it is completed are you a writtener or maybe a wroter?