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Memorial Day 5/25

Monday, May 25th, 2015

Good Morning, You are first on my list today. Now you see how I appreciate the 13 who have checked in since I last wrote. Second on my list is to paint my patio swing—its a tradition on this day. I feel so humbled and thankful to all who have served in harms way. I always phoned my Uncle Woody on this day, and though he is gone I still remember his service. Yes, he is the Woody who married Ruth and appeared in all of my books. Those two characters were the nearest to actual family members. Woody served three years chasing the enemy from island to island in the South Pacific. He was a cook assigned to a Marine unit and usually set up mess tent to serve hungry fighting Marines while the enemy was still strafing the beach. He came home but with a disability that he carried throughout his life. I also have pride in my own USAF pilot. He did not serve during a declared or undeclared war but in the Cold War. He was trained and ready if needed. I hold a line from sound track of movie, “Pearl Harbor” close to my heart—“In my dreams I see you soar across the skies.” Proud of this part of my past. God Bless America.
Yesterday I attended the 100th birthday party of my friend Lucille. Amazing lady who kept us laughing. Since she is unable to come to church, we brought church to her. When asked how did it feel to be a century old, she replied, “Today it feels pretty good.” Love her & thankful I have known her. There IS writing news. No novel in sight, but I am working on a possible newspaper column and a collection of short stories. Will see where that goes. Would you be interested in insight into some of the minor characters? I am working on Olieta–how did she become so bitter and jealous of Myra? Would you purchase a book to learn? I am giving it a go. Now it is time to attend to the swing. I must have inherited my love of swings from you know who. Some of my problems find answers in the swing. Tomorrow I will do a lot of swinging–it is the date 5/26 that my dear Al soared to the sky, fourteen years ago. Thanks for reading.

Tues May 12

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

So much has happened since I last wrote that I don’t know where to begin. Enjoyed all the treats of Mother’s Day & had calls or visit with each of my children. Best gift ever was the beautiful spring day, under the tall oaks at Presbyterian College and seeing my only grandson receive his degree ( and I must add cum laude). The bag pipes brought tears because this always touches the special spot in my heart for my Scottish ancestors. Now the graduate will spend his summer taking some needed courses at Greenville Tech, working for a lawn service and saving up for grad school. Proud of the boy. The rest of my time has been filled with helping out my good friend who just had surgery to cover a nasty gash in he head the result of a fall. Love to do this but I am awed by the workings of a big hospital. I do admire the folks who are called to do this.
I am shamed to tell you that little work has been done on either starting some writing or setting up events. I am finding how pleasant it is to indulge in other things I enjoy. Give me a push. I need it. I am reading some books that should inspire me but so far when I finish one, I just start another. I am into Toni Morrison’s latest “God Help the Child” Tough to read but so brilliant. Now I shall sign off and take my book and kitty cat to bed. Thanks for checking in. Your mean so much to me.

Thurs 5/7

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Happy May–I predict this lovely month will come forth after the rains have ceased. Thanks for checking in. I am in the midst of lots of cooking today for the party we will have after my Grandson, Austin, graduates from Presbyterian College on Saturday. Must do today because this is the only free day I have to bake lots of cookies. Now you see how much I value you, dear readers. I came up to do a quick check of email but when I saw that nine of you had checked the blog since I last wrote–well I couldn’t resist the temptation just to say hi. Tomorrow morning I will spend at Washington Center’s craft day. I love this chance to be with special needs children on this exciting day and to see lots of old friends from my Washington Days. Of course, I will come home with a craft from each class. They will also have lovely plants from their greenhouse.
I am excited about seeing my grandson process into the ceremony following a bag piper. My Scottish genes will probably cry. I promise to get back soon and tell you everything—well, not EVERYTHING. As, I think, Myra would say, “Some things are better kept to yourself.”