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Mon morning 4/27

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Happy Day after a great weekend at Blue Ridge Bookfest. This is one of the pleasures that writing books have given to me. I always love Flat Rock NC (have you noticed that I have been there for two straight weekends?). Fri night we enjoyed a luscious buffet of food & wine & then heard one of the most awesome keynote speakers ever. Joe Galloway was a war correspondent all through Viet Nam. His book “We Were Soldiers and Young” was an intimate & person account of this horrible war by someone who was there with the troops. Book became the movie “We Were Soldiers” with Mel Gibson. If, like me, you have searched for insight into this time, I highly recommend the read. However, I won’t be reading for awhile—I quickly had four guys ask to borrow—so I gave them first option. Sat was the day for thirty authors to sit at tables and hopefully sign purchased books. I have to say that my books were not best sellers. Most folks were buying the keynote book & that was good to know. I am not disappointed with sales for I enjoyed the company of other authors—a few successful and well knows, but most like me and writing to share their stories. I made a new author friend who shared my table and hope she will make a visit to Greenville. Best reward of the weekend was returning home with new interest in going forth with several projects I had neglected. #1 on list of goals is to continue quest to tape books for Books for the Blind.
I am able to blog this morning because I am trapped upstairs while The Merry Maids clean my house. I finally decided that this is a must if I am to have a clean habitat. My kids have forbidden me top climb on ladders–so that is a good excuse. Today I am thankful for all the above and look forward to more Mondays like this! Thanks for checking in and reading my thoughts. You are a treasure.

Sun evening 4/19

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Spent the weekend at Kanuga near Flat Rock NC. Still on a high from the amazing fun-filled, peaceful, renewing, refreshing & every thing else that is good for the body, spirit & soul time. Kanuga is truly one of my favorite places on earth, and I look forward to retreating there each year. What’s better than sitting quietly in rocking chair on big porch looking across lake at the cross (even with rain), crisp mountain air and three hearty meals each day. Top this off with exciting program presented by a professional biblical story tellers about “Women of the Bible—Famous and Infamous” I did learn a lot. When we were a bit shocked to learn the facts of some biblical women, the story teller always stressed, “It’s in the bible!” So you see I had a good time and enjoyed being with my lady church friends. I don’t mention a trip until I have returned. My cautious daughter instructed me that announcing the trip before would be a risk. I must follow her instructions so she can’t say, “I told you so.”
Since I do a lot of story telling myself, I picked up some pointers from this talented lady. What fun it must be to make your living telling stories. Seeing your stories on the shelves of bookstores is pretty cool also.
Thought I kept from the weekend–“All gifts taken to extreme becomes a weakness.”
and a nice ending–“Amen, So Be It, So it will be.” Thank you Tracey for sharing and thanks to my friends who shared this time with me.
It would be very appreciated to have a few days of sunshine next week. I am really wanting to plant a fig tree in container on my patio.

Tues 4/14

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

I was excited to check blog tonight since I have been away for a few days. Nineteen hits since last time. I hope you found something new. I hate to think of a reader taking time to check in & finding the same thing as before—so I do want to add more.
Folly Beach was a great get away. Not beach weather, but for me I am happy to walk, sit on beach or porch and just watch the waves. I love looking at the homes and determining their ages. I had a mission to find The Porgy House after I read in Dorthea Benton Frank’s book that Gershwin had lived there with the Haywoods while he wrote music for Porgy & Bess. I searched & found address—which was one street over from our house. I walked up & down the street several times but no luck. Then I learned that the street continues beyond the downtown. Found it, took a picture & thought about all the magical words written inside the house.
Why did I schedule carpet cleaners the day I returned from trip????
Now I have spent two days removing all the breakables & then returning to their places. However, clean carpets are uplifting. Since my bookcases were empty, I thought it would be a good time to eliminate a few so I have enough room to store more—as you probable guessed—very fewe made it to the book sale box.. I must be tougher on myself for I have no room for more bookshelves.
In case you are a reader who has asked about Lorna’s welfare. She does not like for me to go away and sits beside my suitcase before I leave. . Her “Aunty Janet” spoils her while I am away, but she still puts a guilt trip on me.
Hope next time, I will have more interesting things to share. I would love to tell you that Myra to Laura made NY Times top ten, sales just hit a million or even that a movie is in the works—that would be nice, but I can be happy that it is being read and I hope enjoyed.
Have the week you enjoy and fill with good friends and good reading.

Thurs 4/2

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Just a few words as tonight I begin the Easter observances of my church. One of my favorite tales in Cotton in Augusta is the big egg hunt & picnic that Myra & family enjoyed at the church in Sullivan’s Corner. Does anyone remember that?
I was surprised a few days ago when Publisher posted a new and additional website for From Myra to Laura. It only covers that book and there is no blog. However, there is a Contact page where comments can be written. Oh, how I would love to hear from you. The address is Note the difference is the hyphen between Shirley and Twiss. The original website has not changed.
I wasn’t expecting this, but I am happy for the coverage.
I wish for a sunny and pleasant weekend for all.