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Mon 3/30

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Blogging on Monday means I have had a very good start to the week. Holy Week is filled with moments of deep meaning, and I have experienced it most of my life. Another thing I look forward to is completing my Lenten discipline of giving up my favorite beverage, . I even volunteered to cook the family Easter meal.
Today I had a busy morning running from bank to post office to shopping and then a birthday lunch celebration for a friend.
After Lunch we went to home of another friend for a luscious cake and ice cream. I do know for a fact that birthday cake & ice cream do do have calories. We were served tea in beautiful china cups that the hostess collects.& she surprised gave each of us the cup of our choice as a gift. Thanks Barbara & Rosalind for sharing this happy time with me, and thanks to Pat for the china cup which now graces my china cabinet.
Next came a large order of all three books for the Coleman House B&B Gift shop in my home town. I love knowing my books are being bought & read in my hometown. Thomas Wold was not correct that “you can’t go home again.” However, I must confess that most of my generation is no longer there for various reasons.
I am getting more & more interested in trying my had at a collection of short stories. I have several running around in my head. This writing will be for me because I just plain love to write. Would you like to know more about the early lives of some of the characters. Why was Olieta so bitter and disappointed in life? How did Mrs. Rosenberg get to Glencoe? How did Myra’s papa & mama meet? Could be some good stories. What do you think. Now my eyes are getting weary and Lorna is already fast asleep, so I must say good night.  Shirley

Thurs 3/26

Friday, March 27th, 2015

I am somewhat proud–here I am blogging exactly one week since the last. I found sixteen readers had checked in since last I wrote. That makes me feel really responsible to write regularly—Guilt is my best motivator. I do love this chance to chat with you, so I have every intention of trying harder. Busy day and busy week, seems to have zipped past. My to do lists never gets completed, but again I do try.
Lunch yesterday with a friend who is working on a book of memories for his family. I was honored he asked me to read and comment. I laughed all the way through and know this will be a treasure for his family when finished. Many of his stories brought memory of a similar story of my family. I have found the camaraderie with other authors is special. His wife is a special educator also, so we also had a lot of good stories to share. I spent two & half hours with these fun & interesting folks & also enjoyed a good lunch. Thanks for a happy visit if you should be one of the “mystery readers.”
Finished reading The Kitchen House last night. This is a must read for all. I lived through every page with characters. I read on my KOBO and enjoyed, but I am determined to read two “real” books between each e-book. Also, if you would like to see a “feel good” movie that is appropriate for the whole family, “McFarland” was a delight to me. I’m not trying to be a movie or book critic, but I like to share what I enjoy.
I received an invitation for Myra & me to visit a large church women’s group in Sept. I am very happy to have that on my calendar.
Now I will say good night. I have a new book to start & that is calling.
You are so dear to continue checking the blog. See you again soon.

Thurs 3/19

Friday, March 20th, 2015

1222 is a beautiful number for that’s how many hits on my blog since it’s debut. I find that so gratifying. You are out there and are reading my random thoughts. I think that is 20 since I last wrote–shame on me. I am trying to think of a system to keep me writing more regularly. I do love to keep in touch with you, but sometimes my time just runs out. Maybe I should pick a specific day to always write at least a few lines. I will give that some thought.
What a day this has been. Myra & I were invited to visit the “Go Forth” Senior Group at Fourth Presbyterian. Large attendance and most had read the book. I was welcomed with jars of cotton stalks along the table and copies of book covers. Really a clever and appropriate decoration. Lovely lunch was served first. I do love being out to lunch with such gracious and interesting folks.
Best of all they had read Cotton in Augusta & seem to have taken Myra to heart. Good discussion & lots of laughs. Thanks Fourth Pres Seniors & especially my old buddy fro Washington Center Days, Barbara Horton.
Lenten Evensong service & supper at my church. I have been in churches twice today and with such dear folks. I am feel so joyful.
Check me again soon & see if I am holding to my wish to write more often.
Will this long winter ever end!!
Be of good cheer. I need you.

Tues 3/10

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

I must share the fun I had at book club on Mon. A great bookclub called “Happy Readers” had read “Joy in the Morning”. I admit that I had to refresh my memory on the book. I am glad that I did because they were so sharp & into this book. Interesting and intuitive discussion. The theme that all life contains both joy & weeping ran throughout. One reader made me proud when she mentioned that finding the canning pot amidst the ashes of the burned house brought Myra joy. A joy for the author and another of those times when readers recognize things that I do not. Introduction to “From Myra to Laura” was well received and books readily bought. I think that might be another book club. Lovely lunch at one of our town’s fabulous new restaurants. Loved it all and thank you Happy Readers.

Brunch today with old friend from Washington Center days. one of those friends who knows you so well and makes you feel good.
We must do this more often, dear B. H.
Photos from my Gamecock granddaughter who is spending her spring bread on a civil rights tour through Selma, Montgomery, Birmingham and Atlanta. So proud of her caring heart.
Staying home on a rainy night. Neglecting a meeting I should attend—but sometimes the body just says no. After a quick check over my tax forms, I am off to bed with KOBO and more Mya Angelue.
Thanks for being my faithful readers and pen pals.

Fri 3/6

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Hello dear friends,
How did the week pass so quickly? Twelve have checked in since I last wrote. That is a happy for me. Busy week but good things accomplished. Taxes were sent in today electronically. That is a marvelous feeling. I am surprised at how much I have realized that when an easy way is available to take advantage. I vowed for so long that I would not use an e-reader and stick to my beloved books–but look who is now downloading a new book as soon as she finishes one. I will never desert the joy of a hard copy book but I will sneak in a few e reads. I do want to mention that we must continue to support our bookstores—especially the locally owned ones. We can’t lose all the services given to us by a bookstore—such as Fiction Addiction in Greenville. Two books I have just read are on e-reader are “The Invention of Wings” & “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” Now I have a Greg Isles sho nuf book waiting for me to start tonight. I received an ad for shirts designed for special educators (which as you know was my life calling. I will share the message on the shirt I ordered. It is from Albert Einstein, no less. So if you should see my shirt, you will read: EVERYONE IS A GENIUS–BUT IF YOU JUDGE A FISH BY HIS ABILITY TO CLIMB A TREE, IT WILL LIVE ITS WHOLE LIFE BELIEVING IT IS STUPID.
I love that thought and with that I will say Good night.