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Tues 2/24

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Snow, snow, snow I did not believe the weather report last evening predicting more snow—how could we have more. We have already received our usual portion of snow & ice. Disappointed to wake up to see a sheet of white all around. Today’s book club is, of course, cancelled. I am thankful not to have to say I am afraid to drive on icy roads. That decision was made by the wise book club. We are re-scheduled again for Mon 3/9 same time same place. I am happy that I will have another chance to be with one of my many favorite book clubs. They have read Joy in the Morning which pleases me. I think I look on Joy as my middle child and want to make sure it is not overlooked. Of course MY Real middle child is a bright shining star.
Thanks to the 10 readers who checked blog since last I wrote. I would sure like to know who you are but I am always happy to see number increase. I made a quick trip to Columbia Sunday afternoon & returned yesterday morning. Thankfully, I was able to get that trip accomplished between snows. Visited my #2 son, daughter-in-law, two huge granddogs and 4 grandkitties. I came home a little thankful that I do not have to walk a pet in rain or snow.
I am trying to motivate myself to make this a productive day. I surely have enough tasks to keep me busy. Let’s see how that turns out when I have “The Invention of Wings” waiting on the KOBO.
Stay inside, keep warn, don’t fret the trivial things like snow and take advantage of lots of reading time.

M0n 2/16

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Greenville streets are already covered with ice which means no activity for tomorrow & possibly longer. I am snug, warm & ready to hibernate until it is all gone. Greatest concern is loss of power but I have lots of food, flashlights, battery lantern, cell phone & KOBO (e-reader) charged. I have Sue Monk Kidd’s “The Invention of Wings” loaded but have not read so that is something to look forward to doing as a shut-in. It is also comforting to have a warm kitty to sit with me by the gas logs. That doesn’t sound too bad but I know that some folks will have it more difficult, and I feel much concern for them.
Tomorrow I plan to send some promo letters to a few places that I have visited & let them know I have new book and will travel.
Funny from grocery store meeting with a reader yesterday–I can always remember a face but trouble with names. She met me in store and said, “I enjoyed the book discussion so much (of course I did not know which one she meant) and the way you know your characters so well. They must be on your mind all the time.” I replied, “Oh yes, they are & they talk to me.” “Do you talk to them?” “Oh yes.” With that she gave me a look and said, “Are they here right now?” I assured her that they always stayed safely in my upstairs writing room. It might not sound as funny now, but we both had a good laugh.
Stay warm, stay safe & enjoy the lovely scene out the window.

Wed 2/11

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Really tired after a full morning, sadness at loss of two dear friends,an exciting book club discussion this afternoon and making copies of everything I need for taxes. Tired but not ready for bed just yet. I must share my book club visit with you. This is my third visit with this club, and they have followed Myra through all three books and shared her joys & sorrows. Much love shown for the lady and for Laura. I always learn something that I did not know and wonder “why didn’t I think of that?” Consensus named Idella as least likable character and that Laura was much like her grandmother. I kinda meant it to be that way. Love this book club for their friendly welcome—and the food is always scrumptious, no need for dinner tonight. No one ever admits to being a reader of blog but I have my suspensions that I saw some of you today.
So thank you for a wonderful time and for your respect and love for Myra.

2/6 Fri Gamecock Strong

Friday, February 6th, 2015

Text from my Gamecock granddaughter yesterday “Shots fired on campus. I AM SAFE. IN LOCKDOWN. Terrifying moments until we received more details. However, the details are heartbreaking, sad & unimaginable. Two deaths are all of the above but so thankful for the safety of all others on the campus. I pray that this kind of madness never touches any campus again.

2/5 PS

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

I completely forgot to tell you about one of my best evenings. Discussion group at St Peter’s was 1/20 with 26 attending & lively discussion & questions. Since that is home for me, it was a special treat. Thanks to all who attended and also to Cathy O who arranged and family & friends who provided refreshments & excellent beverages.


Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Good Morning,
I have three options this morning as I wait for gym clothes to dry so that I cannot use that as an excuse for not keeping one of my resolutions. I could tidy house a bit–I could continue working on taxes—OR I could add to blog—18 hits since I last wrote–so I know my priority. Thank you for checking in and motivating me.
Taxes really blow my mind for numbers are my downfall.
Last night I hit a snag and decided to check last year’s form to see how to proceed. I dug through file drawer looking for last year’s form and stressed when I could not find. Then the brain finally kicked in—I was looking for 2014 return which I was working on right then and needed 2013 which was exactly where it should be in the file. My brain works with words not numbers & last year meant 2014 to me. However, I still have not figures out my problem.
Book club visits start next week. I enjoy this time most of all & really look forward to each one. I love the discussions & hearing other perspectives on my characters. If you are a part of Lexington Place book club (I think the exact name is Wine & Cheese), thank you for inviting Myra & me for the third time. Many of my visits are repeats & I appreciate knowing that you enjoyed my books enough to hear more.
Cold days have been very conducive to reading. I have struggled through two by Flannery O’Connor, the noted fifties writer from Milledgeville GA. I hoped to learn more about short story writing, but I decided that I do not comprehend or enjoy her work—so returned to library. Now I am reading the Jerry Lee Lewis story by Rick Bragg. I lived in Concordia Parish Louisiana for five years, and this is taking me back to that time & place. Only Rick Bragg could induce me to read about Jerry Lee Lewis. It is a great book. I will have my name at the top of list to purchase Harper Lee’s new/old book from Fiction Addiction. I have mixed feelings about this, but I must read. I think I am disappointed that she discredited the author of “The Mocking Bird Next Door” for I found that insightful & respectful of my second all-time favorite author. However, I look forward to more Atticus & Scout.
You probably did not expect a book review, but that was on my mind.
If you are in a book club or know of a book club that might want to meet Myra and have me tag along with her, I am ready.
Thanks for reading,