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Sun 1/24

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

I saw the movie, Selma, this afternoon. Very moving and well done. All cast was so realistic. It really took me back & I cried throughout. Now it seems unreal that there was such a time when not all American citizens were allowed to vote. Now for you who stay home on election day—think of those who had to fight so hard to win this right.

Fri Jan 23

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

If you checked site in the last few days, you might have receive message that website had been removed–not true. I did not know this was happening until I checked in late last evening & received that message. I panicked big time & fretted about it all night. This am when I checked there was website and operating as usual. Still concerned so called service dept. They could find nothing wrong & decided it was just a glitch that had been corrected. Let’s hope this holds true and never happens again. I do love the website.
Now on to the pleasant chat I intended to have last evening. I hope some of you were with me for discussion group at ST Peter’s last Tues evening. Great attendance, discussions & questions. I really felt a lot of love for Myra in the room. Refreshments compliments of my daughter, Erin, and friends, Cathy O and Tonjia—I provided my beverage of choice! Lots of fun. Seens to be much interest in Book IV–don’t know about that. Still thinking of possibility of short stories of minor character. What do you think about that? I know I could not totally drop the MacTavish family. I will play with these thought in my free time. I have found that writing is something you can’t just turn off. My friend, successful children’s author, Melinda Long, agreed with me.
I always get questions about Lorna, my self-centered cat. I had to explain that I should not have named a character Laura because it is too similar to Lorna–and I often use the cat’s name instead of the character’s name when I am speaking. Lorna spends most of her time sleeping, but a few times each day, she does me the honor of sitting with me.
I am thankful to be back on website. I would really miss you.
Our dear, Dorian, will be ordained an Episcopal priest tonight at Christ Church. He is definitely one of the specially chosen and has a mission of service ahead.
Too bad it is raining and cold. Just hope the temp remains above 32′.


Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Sun 1/4/2015

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Rainy, rainy Sunday, and I am so thankful that my roof leak has been repaired quickly. Thank you sir who came the next day and relieved me of worry.
I am usually what is called in my church an “eight-thirty” person” because I love the simple, quiet service and truthfully, I started the habit when teaching because it gave me a longer Sunday. Today I went to 10:30 to hear the Christmas music for the last time until next year. It was lovely and now the Christmas season has ended but left remembrance of happy moments of joy.
A friend & I planned to meet her for lunch after church at a nearby delis. We discussed the location and directions. You guessed it—there are two similar delis in that location–she waited at one while I waited at the other. After waiting nearly an hour, we both ate a solitary lunch and went home. I am not saying who was to blame, but at least we had a good laugh on ourselves. Possibly I have a new incident for later book—no, no I don’t think so—this is just between us.
Happy to report that my files have been cleared and organized through Z. This is a first in many years. Next chore is doing the same to book records that I have been storing by tossing in a box. Must do this in time for taxes.   Resolution for 2015—never do this again.

I am remembering my teaching years and the despair of facing Monday morning at the end of holiday vacation.  Bad habits like sleeping late developed easily.  Tonight Season V of Downton Abby begins.  I am so ready to re-enter this world.

Thank you for reading my trivia.  I love seeing the number of hits rise to 1055l