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Mon 12/29

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Yesterday I accepted that it has finally happened. I have turned into my grandmother. After attending early church on that cold rainy day, I only wanted to curl up on couch, under my afghan (made by my mother-in-law many years ago) with a cup of tea and the Sun paper. After that I took a two hour nap. Time for dinner–the most appealing meal was a bowl of cereal with banana & another cup of tea. Oh Grandma Mac, I see you in the mirror.
I do enjoy these days between Christmas and New Years as a time to get disciplined & try to clean up my messy world. I am working on clearing out my files. Why do I keep so much for so long? I have filled two grocery bags and I am just past M. My goal is a neat & organized file cabinet before 2015.
Oh, 2015–what a futuristic sounding year. May this be the year that peace finally comes to the world.
I end 2014 with a heart full of gratitude. My heath continues to be reasonable good. I finished and published, From Myra to Laura. Visited Ireland and had many happy times with family & friends. One of my greatest joys is you, my dear readers. When I opened the blog and saw that five more readers had been on since last I checked, I felt so happy. Please keep it up. You mean so much to me & to Myra.
I neglected to mention that I had a special Christmas Day with my son & daughter-in-law in Columbia. I drove up Christmas morning and saw very few other cars on I-26 which was an extra gift. I met and fell in love with my new grandkitten, a calico only a few weeks old. Guess who held her most of the day? I do love kittens, but Lorna has told me there is only room enough in my home for one & that is her.
A happy, peaceful new year filled with love for all of you who take the time to read my wandering thoughts.

Mon 12/22/2014

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Here I am and hoping to be able to share my holiday wishes to all of y’all. I never get over the joy of hearing someone wish me Merry Christmas and to send it back to them. However you say it is fine with me–Happy Holidays–Season’s Greetings– Feliz  Navidad–Have a good One. To me it’s about love of family, friends and you, my wonderful readers. Peace & Joy are the words I choose. The words aren’t important if it comes from your heart. I am blessed with family, friends my beloved readers. and a little homeless baby born in a stable. I wish I could give these treasures to the whole world.

My family (all three children, spouses & 2 grandchildren) gathered last night for our family Christmas celebration. All had a great time eating, laughing, reminiscing and receiving our one “Twisted Santa” gift. Our Christmas gift exchange changed to this a few years ago when we decided that we need less and can give more to some who have so much less. it is a lot of fun and fills us with joy.
Today I enjoyed our annual neighborhood party given for years by Nancy Gibbs. Thank you dear Nancy.
Christmas Day I will be in Columbia with my #2 Son, his wife, two dogs and four cats. I am so happy that all of my children now live in SC & in easy driving distance for me.

I visited Fiction Addiction today and bought a Christmas gift for myself. I have had a long-time questto know more about the life of Harper Lee. “To Kill a Mockingbird” is #2 on my list of all time treasured books.( You will have to guess what is #1.) She has led such a private life. I have always had been  eager to learn more about this amazing author who wrote such a book of value and never wrote another. Now “The Mockingbird Next Door” has been published & I hope this book will give me some insight.  I will start tonight and enjoy all through these two rainy days until Christmas.

I have been thinking about Myra and celebrating Christmas with her through three books.  No matter what her circumstances, she had it right and made it a day of joy for her loved ones.  My favorite is from the beginning of Cotton in Augusta when Mr. Clyde (the landowner) brought gifts and special treats. It is the simple things that seem to make the best memories.

Next special event coming up:  Tues  Jan 20   7:00 pm  at St Peter’s  Book Discussion of From Myra to Laura.  You are invited to  a lively book club-style discussion and refreshments.  If you are a friend of Myra and in the area, please join us.

I am not peddling books, but just want to remind you that if you should need a copy perhaps for a gift or one of the series that you have not read, Fiction Addiction has a good supply.

Before leaving you to start The Mockingbird Next Door, I want to say how much I value and appreciate your interest.  Hits have not reached  1034–WOW.  Thank you for caring.  Myra and I wish you and your loved ones a Christmas and New Year filled with all that you cherish and enjoy.


Tues 12/9

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Did not plan to write tonight but could not resist checking number of hits—-1004 Yea. I had to tell some one how happy I am and how thankful to you for checking my blog.
Last Thurs – Sun was spent in my hometown, Swainsboro, GA. These are events I really look forward to attending. Thurs evening I was asked to ride in the library car in the Christmas parade. What fun. Streets were lined to watch & everyone was waving. That was a first time (and probably last time experience for me) Fri afternoon I had signing at Franklin Memorial Library which really brings back so many memories. A nice group attended & many bought all three books and books for gifts. Sat I was free to visit friends & family. Sun I signed on the front porch of Coleman House (B&B with renowned Sunday buffet). It was so cold but I was prepared & dressed warmly in layers. Again lots of interest in books & sales. This is a perfect place for me to be since my grandmother’s house where I was born is across the street. Contrary to Thomas Wolf, you can go home again.
I am looking forward to starting book club visits in new year. If you are interested, I am available. I have three already set so hope for more.
Stay warm, enjoy this wonderful time of year.