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Tues 10/28

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Hello friends,

I have been so eager to write and tell you all about the signing last SAt. I came home on such a high that I was so totally zonked on Sun that anything I wrote would have been nothing but !!!!!!!! on the really great occasion for me. Yesterday I spend all day playing catchup on all that I had neglected. Now is the time to share with my blog friends—I would say pen pals but this is a very one sided correspondence. However, I do know you are reading when I look at the number of hits increase to 864. Now to the good stuff.
I could not have dreamed of a better launch party. When I arrived a little before 2:00, Jill was already set up with books, and the tables were filled with memorabilia from Myra’s time and amazing snacks. Have you ever had grits pie? Doesn’t sound very appetizing, does it? My daughter-in-law, Kathy, found a recipe which sounded like a treat Myra would have made for the children using the ingredients she had on hand. It was most like a chess pie and you could not detect the grits. Great cookies from my daughter,Erin, with -blackberry and peach filling and “the” pound cake from my daughter-in-law, Carolyn. Myra herself could not have done better.
If you have read the book already, you will appreciate that one the tables had a yellow rose to represent Ian. The stage was well set. By 2:00 there was a line going out the door of parish hall and it remained steady. I signed 78 books and my hand never faltered. It was so rewarding to see friends from all parts of my life and some I did not know. Cathy Ovington and Jill’s PR really got the word out. Please do not think I am bragging. I am just so very proud and humble to know that my story was received by so many. If you did not make the signing there is another chance, I will be in Fiction Addition along with other local authors and I will sign from 12-2:00 on 11/29 (The Sat after Thanksgiving.) Books are always available at Fiction Addition and of course on line or as ebooks. I know I had your good wishes whether you were there or not and for that I am very grateful. I was asked many times if I am planning to write more. At this time my answer is a resounding NO–but who knows what the winter days might bring.
I did make one step towards that. Sun afternoon I went to Friends of Library used book sale and purchased a very complete dictionary and thesaurus. It was time because my dictionary was in pieces and held together with rubber band, and the thesaurus had belonged to my husband at GA Tech (quite a few new words go).
I like to think that some of you might be tucked away reading Myra to Laura.


Friday, October 24th, 2014

Hello to all again,
The eve of Launch Day–I don’t know what to compare this other than the two other Launch Days. It is exciting as well as suspenseful.
My daughter just called to give her cookie production report. She was proud of her blackberry jam cookies–this sounds like a Myra specialty. As I sign books, the cookies & other treats will be enjoyed.
I am now awaiting my son to arrive to load up the books for me to deliver to church tomorrow. I am glad for this help.
Hope some of you will be there in person tomorrow—no what I hope is that many of you will be there in person .
The next post will have a full report. Think of me & send your good wishes.

Wed 10/22

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Hello all,
Wed night, Thurs, Fri–Two days, three nights until the Book Launch Sat. I have looked forward to this for so long, but now I am getting nervous. Will you be there? Will anyone be there other than my family and Jill? I am competing with Clemson & Furman home games. I didn’t think about football schedules when choosing dates. Myra is expecting to see her friends so I do not want to disappoint her. (You see I am thinking of her and not myself) My family will be cooking all Fri to give you some special Myra treats. Hope many, many friends will be there to enjoy.
Yesterday was such fun for me. I read to children in the Child Care Center at Greenville Memorial Hosp. 10/21 was designated at “Read for the Record” day and children all over the country were reading the same book, “Bunny Cakes”, on the same day. Precious kids who loved the book. I was reminded that one of my favorite things is reading to children, and I must start doing that more often. Every time I read a good children’s book, I am wowed by the writing. I could not do that. In a few words on a few pages, the writer must complete the story and hold their interest. I can ramble on for pages but I could not tell a story like “Bunny Cakes” or my dear friend Melinda Long’s pirate stories in the attention span of a four year old. Hats off to children’s writers.
After the first signings, I am looking forward to book clubs and hearing readers discuss the more mature Myra.
I will be posting more reminders of where I hope you will be on Sat Oct 25 2:00-4:00 PM St Peter’s Episcopal Church 910 Hudson RD Greenville SC I know some of you have already bought books or downloaded ebook, but come anyway and visit with us and enjoy the treats.

Mon 10/13

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Beginning of a new week that is a waiting time before Launch Party on 10/25.
It seems rather strange to have time on my hands–so you can expect more blogs filled with chatter. Today at a routing Dr visit, my dear MD asked me the dates of signing & WROTE DOWN. I was very flattered, but I won’t be disappointed if he does not show for I am sure his off days are quite filled.
I started out for a walk after dinner and found a misty rain so I turned back. I was planning to distribute some flyers in my neighborhood. Tomorrow’s weather sounds nasty. Just heard on news of tornado in Ashdown Arkansas, only a short distance from my former home in Texarkana Tx which brought back memories of taking my class into storm shelter room while all kinds scary noises were going on outside. Tornado passed over our school but did not touch down.
Hope you are remembering to use www. before and reach the new revised website. For some unexplainable reason the old site still comes up if you do not use the www. They are still working on it, but I am no longer concerned. That is a minor mishap in a mostly smooth production of my pride & joy. Hope you are having a good evening. Now on to the luxury of a little TV.

Sun Oct 5

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

What a glorious day this has been for me, and I hope for you. I love waking up to a cool nip in the air that requires a light jacket. Fall is my favorite season for many reasons –apples–leaves changing—rides in mountains–memories of GA Tech football games with the love of my life–Thanksgiving ahead and by the way, a book launch party on Oct 25.
Early church and then sitting in on the confirmation class and being wowed at how the spirituality and dedication of these amazing young people. The future of the church will be in good hands.
I had forgotten how nice it feels to have an entire Sunday afternoon to do as I choose. Spent it changing my closet from summer to winter and going shopping for a few new items. Ran into my neighbor at store & she was most surprised to see me out shopping–which is not my favorite pastime.
Rest of afternoon was spent sending out invitations from Fiction Addiction for Launch Party. If you didn’t receive one, it is because I did not know your emai. Consider yourself with a special invitation.
This has just been chatter and fun to do. I hope I haven’t lost readers after this episode.
Hope tomorrow is start of a week filled with good things for each of us.

Oct 3

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Welcome to the first day of the new revised website. I hope you found it easily. If not, try again and use For some reason it sometimes needs the www. This seems to have been a long journey, and I am pleased with the results. I vow to use more efficiently and also post events.
I hope some of you saw that my Oct 25 signing is now being sent out by Fiction Addiction/Jill Hendrix who I thank for the long, detailed, and (I hope) interesting article. Jill has done so much for me all through the three books.
Today is the birthday of my beloved, Al. I never expected that I would live 13 years without him, but in the words of Harry Connick Jr, “Sometimes it just beez that way.” I am thankful for my family, friends, Myra & Lorna (the cat) who have given me back my life. That might be a little too personal, but I do feel close to you. Rain, rain ,rain and a good day to stay indoors and send invitations to book launch party. By party, I mean just that.
Hope you like the new website. I will know that when I see the hits increase.
I appreciate all of you,

Oct 2

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

This could be the last time you will see this “original” website. It seems all updates/corrections have been completed on the updated version and it could be available for you tomorrow or possible a little later. I am very proud of the updates and the page media,events, & reviews is not operable for me. You might have to use the complete address I won’t know that until I try it.

It has been a long process and I am so ready to be back with you. Thanks for continuing to check in.