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Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Website check

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Sun afternoon 9/20

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

How much can I write in 15 minutes (that’s right I have set the timer with a deadline) I must get ready and prepare for trip. Lots to do for now not only do I need clothes and such, I have books to think about. Fifteen hits have been on blog since last time I wrote—I should be ashamed. You are loyal but I am negligent. I have one excuse. All last week my evenings were taken up by “The Roosevelts”on ETV. I couldn’t miss a minute and learned so much.
I had hoped that new website would be up by now but not so. They are working and sending me proofs, but so far, I have one portion that is not exactly how I want it to be. Am I being too picky? This will be up a long time, and I do want it to be the best it can be. Nothing will change on the blog, and the web address will be the same. Those two parts would only be changed over my dysfunctional body.
Much interest is being shown in new book, and this brings new sales for Book I & II. Local bookstore sold two sets last week–that is all three books. I love to hear that. Official Launch Party will be at my church (St. Peter’s corner of Hudson & Devenger Rd. Greenville SC) Sat. Oct 25 2-4 pm. Don’t bother to write it down there will be plenty more notices coming. An open invitation will be on Facebook also along with Fiction Addiction’s announcement.. I am getting concerned that folks will get tired of seeing this. Hope not. If you reach that burn out, just stop reading BUT please attend.
Church today and took communion to one of my favorite receivers. She is 99 and keeps me laughing the whole time I am there. Lucille, I know you won’t read this but maybe someone will tell that Shirley adores you.
Drat, there goes the timer. No snooze alarm on this timer. Time to say adios for a few days. Hope I can be back with you on the new updated website at the enc of nest week. Take care, be safe, do unto others and thanks for reading.

Sept 10

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

New refreshed and updated website which includes Book III will be up soon. It is in the works now but so far I haven’t received a proof . I am so eager to see it with From Myra to Laura included. Hopefully, it will be up and going sometime next week. Check it out.
This is a great week for me. Good things happening and feeling positive about new book. Mon evening I visited the Berea First Baptist Book Club and had a really good time. This book club is well attended and all excited readers. Myra & I received a warm welcome and reception. All (except one who told me she was not a reader but enjoyed listening)had read Cotton in Augusta, and their discussion covered it well. Readers always amaze me when they “read between the lines” and find new meanings. Thank you Berea Fist Baptist Book Club for a lovely evening and being a friend of Myra.
Tues evening another special visit with the book club in Orchard Farms. They had also read Cotton in Augusta and most declared they loved it. it was a warm and friendly event. The discussion was insightful and brought out many special lines of dialogue that had given impact. Thank you Orchard Farms for being a friend to Myra & me.
What more could an author want in life!!!
Even though I am no longer consumed with completing a novel, my days are filled. Filled is better than empty. I am catching up on correspondence–and even blogging–having time with friends and avoiding housework. Today I visited a friend in a care facility. When I walked down the hall to her room, I passed a door with a sign “Cat in room. Do not leave door open.” I was happy to come home and tell Lorna that when that time comes for me to go, she can go with me.
I just received a photo from my daughter-in-law of my son on vacation, sitting on a balcony facing the Gulf of Mexico, feet propped on the railing and reading my book. That did make me proud. I guess he thought I needed proof.
I hope on my next blog I can ask, “How do you like the new website?”
Enjoy your days.