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August 13

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

I am back with you and filled with news. Recently returned from amazing journey to Ireland, one of the most special places I have ever experienced. I am not Irish but have always had a special tenderness for Ireland and their “troubles” but I came back in love. Beautiful green countryside, dear, dear folks who have such pride in their country and keep you laughing. I never fully realized how much hardship they have experienced for so long. However, now their future is promising.
My two author copies of book arrived the day I returned. I have to say it is quite a thrill to hold the book in your hand and see your name as author. I am very proud of this work and hope readers will join me in this. Trying to set up date for Launch Party & First Signing to be held at my church, St. Peter’s. Only thing left is to coordinate date with Jill from Fiction Addiction. She is out of touch right now. Hoping for late October which gives ample time for book shipment to arrive.
WOW I am excited and relieved to have accomplished a third book. Please join me for the Launch Party if you are in this area. It will be fun and “Myra Treats” will be served.
Sad to lose dear Robin Williams in such a tragic way. I have been a fan since his first appearance as Mork. He is a treasure that I hoped to have forever. Maybe Bob Dylan had him in mind also when he wrote, “This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.” I can think of many who qualify for that and especially my own Al.
Greenville’s big flood last Sat night reached the national news. We still have standing water on many streets, but I stayed dry except during the downpour which sounded like the Vikings approaching.
I have two book clubs coming soon and a chance to show off the new book. I will keep you posted on coming events.