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June 20

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

Hello, I am allowing myself a break from making book corrections and decided to clear my mind with the blog—so who knows what will come next.
Edited manuscript arrived Tues & I have had my nose to the computer (I don’thave a grindstone) since. I am pleased that nothing huge is requested. Actually, the changes are all made on computer & that goes quickly. Of course, I am OCD and keep returning to re-check over & over. I hope to finish tomorrow. Then I will have a complete read through & hit send. After this comes the galleys to be reviewed & then hopefully a pub date by mid fall. I am taking two week out for trip to Ireland, so hope to get all work completed before trip. I don’t think the literary world will suffer if I am two weeks delayed.
Hot, hot days but I have only gone outside for the mail. The pool is inviting but no time for that. Growing up in south GA I played outside every summer day and never thought of complaining about the heat. I do remember racing across hot sand that was blistering my bare feet. There was a choice of hot sand or walking across the weeds filled with sandspurs.
No matter how involved I am with my writing, I have to keep a good read going. Right now I am reading The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova–amazing writer filled with so much knowledge. She also wrote The Historian and must do years of research before each book. Both books are huge, but I enjoy every word. I met her at Blue Ridge Bookfest & was so envious that she has those magnificent books, four children & looks no more 24.
Now I am ready for bed and The Swan Thieves. Hope to tell you on next post that book is totally gone from me.

June 9

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Sad news tonight. I just learned of the death of a friend I have known since first grade. We called her Rosie because one day in probably third grade, she came to school with her cheeks nice and rosy from her mother’s makeup. The name stuck and it fit her well. When you grown up in a small town, friends like Rosie are always a part of your heart. I mentioned her in acknowledgements in new book as one of the girls of ’53. She had struggled with heart ailments for several years, and now she is healthy and rosy again. Just wanted to tell someone. Thanks for being available.

June 3 Tues

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Surprised to see me back so soon? I must blog to tell the great experience that I had yesterday. I went to a really fun book club, Books and Nooks. Friendly and welcoming readers who appreciated Myra and her story. We sat around the kitchen table and that was very conducive for discussion and friendship—also handy for the delicious repast of goodies. The highlight was when someone referred to having read my blog. I see numbers of hits but I have only been told this twice now. Thank you, Connie. Now I have proof that I am not just writing to cyber space.
It was a fun and rewarding afternoon and appreciated the opportunity to be with them.
Book III is sitting on someone’s desk in Bloomington Indiana. I hope she is not under a stack of others. I am very anxious to get some feedback.
I am enjoying this leisure time and doing a lot of reading of Greg Iles. I just asked Jill Hendrix to forbid me to buy any more of his novels until I finish all work on Book III. I have also had time to visit friends and do a little shopping. You will note that I did not mention housework.
My son, Jeff, is now sailing his boat from where it was docked on Chesapeake Bay to dock it in Charleston. It will take about two weeks. I don’t want to be a helicopter mama, but I will be happy when I hear he is safely in Charleston.
I am excited to be seeing my all time favorite, Les Miserables, at Little Theater Thurs. night. Review was great and Little Theater always amazes me. I will be singing “Listen to the People” for days after.
Thanks for checking in. I hope I will have some book news to tell you soon.

June 1 Sun PM

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Manuscript flew through cyber space to hands of Publisher last Mon. Hopefully it was put in good hands who said, “Let’s get busy on this. The readers are waiting.”
Only word so far is that it was received. Anxious new mother. Surely the entire editorial staff will fall in love with Myra’s latest. I’ll keep you posted.
I have planned this as a week free of responsibility to enjoy before book work starts again. I have done that & enjoyed. Reading another Greg Iles book with Natchez setting. Imagine that I lived there during the exact time frame & I did not have a clue of what was going on outside of my little household. Perhaps best that way. Again, I tell you—don’t miss the work of this author. You truthfully cannot put it down. Wnen I must finish the one I am enjoying now,, it is time to STOP until Myra is again between covers.
Wonderful grandson Austin was home for a short visit between sessions at Camp Gravett. During this time, he completed a long to do list for me that included painting my swing. I am so happy to have all of this done. I do know money talks. especially to a college student.
Just read of the death of Ann B.. Davis (Alice of Brady Bunch) She was much more that just a comedic actress Although very good at that & has the awards to prove. She became a novice in a religious community with Bishop Frye (the exiled bishop of Guatemala in the 7o’s) She continued acting. Why? It was so lucrative to use for good causes. I met her when she came to my church in Texarkana TX to do a reading. So excited to get her autograph on the church bulletin. Later little Erin cut out only her name & put in a scrapbook. Oh well,
Thelia if you should be reading this—why are you checking computer instead of being on the beach?–but if you are, I miss you in the pew ahead of me.
Book club tomorrow afternoon. They have read Cotton in Augusta. I will enjoy visiting there again. I should skim though. It will be embarrassing if I don’t know an answer.
Just had a long conversation with my neighbor’s son who is a culinary arts teacher in one of our vocational schools. He is so on fire with the work he is doing with his students. I love seeing a teacher who really cares about making a difference to the students. Congratulations Steve Musco
9:00 Sun night means one thing—The Good Wife. I don’t watch much TV but Alicia really needs my support.
So good night & hope I can tell you some progress on book production soon