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Fri May 2

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Happy May Days,
My days have been filled with trying to do a little sprucing up in yard and home. Thank goodness both are small for my incentive is low. I guess I have a guilt complex when I see all of my neighbors planting.
Book must take first place with my time. I am working towards sending to publisher by June 1 & I will do that if I can just stop re-reading and feeling insecure. it has to go. I have all material l& cover photo read to send—all that is left is hit send which I plan to do early Mon morning. I am very happy with cover photo which was done by a great photographer from Fitzgerald GA. I can’t tell more but if you look on net for you will enjoy some amazing scenes.
I now have another temptation to procrastinate–I am reading a novel (huge) by Greg Iles titled Natchez Burning about events starting in 1964. I lived in Natchez MS in 1964 so I am really invested in this and remember so much from those terrifying times. Greg will visit Fiction Addiction on Thurs May 8. I will be there ready for discussions on this book that everyone should read.
Sitting on my patio with friend this afternoon enjoying a beverage, was very near to Heaven. Blue sky, fluffy clouds, gentle breeze, birds at my feeders, and my windows clean–yep that is close
Granddaughter, Allison, has completed a great freshman year at U of Carolina. She will be home a few days before returning to Columbia for summer job an a few classes. Hopefully, I will see her during this time–probably in passing.
Now I must state this. As is well known, I am a Georgian with deep love for my home state. I have always respected the motto that is on the state seal ”
“Wisdom, Justice and Moderation” How does the state’s new “Freedom to carry a weapon in many places previously restricted law” reflect this?????
Now that’s just my thoughts, but today I heard that the Catholic Bishop of GA agrees with me.
Now I am to bed with Natchez Burning & will probably read way past a reasonable bed time.
Ten readers have checked in since I last wrote. Thank you and please continue.