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March 22 Saturday

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Happy Spring, Today has been glorious & so welcomed. I won’t think about next week. A friend told me that I should be more consistent with the blog for it is disappointing to open & find nothing new. Is this a reprimand or a compliment? Now that a few obligations are behind me, I pledge to do better. I thank all who take the time to check it.
Monday I head to Ga to visit my dear friend, Tootsie, who had a stroke but is now recovering at home. She has been such a support for my writing & gave me my only experience in the cotton patch. I look forward to being with her & will read pages from new manuscript to her.
I have first week in June circled on calendar as submission day to publisher. I am lost in trying to catch mistakes–and I don’t mean grammar or spelling. Today I discovered that I had written that a birthday gift was given on a date that would have been one year after giver had died. So glad that did not get through. My next two months will have to be dedicated to such as this. This will be hard because there are so many other things that I want to do. When I am in a quandary about doing one thing vs another, my son always tells me, “Mom, you can do both.” Easy to say but not always easy to do.
I have reserved date of May 8 6:30pm for book signing at Fiction Addition by Greg Iles, author of Natchez Burning. This starts in 1964 during the first days of civil rights action. I lived in Natchez in 1964 and memories are stamped on my memory & conscience. Hope if you are nearby, you will attend. This is a story that must be heard. For more information, check Fiction Addition on line.
One last comment on Book III (now has title but can’t reveal just yet) to make. I think I would appreciate this story even if I did not know the author. Forgive my vanity, but I love the story.
Now I will say good night in time to watch my Sat night entertainment with the British comedies. I will return with some good Tootie tales for the next blog.
Thanks for reading,

March 4

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Shrove Tues and St Peter’s pancakes. Tomorrow is Ash Wed and beginning of 40 days of Lent—for me that means no wine. I have tried other things but for me giving up wine me conscious of sacrifice. Grandson Austin is home on spring break & went to pancake supper with me. I was quite honored. This weekend I go on Women’s Retreat at Kanuga NC, truly a sacred “thin place”. I look forward to this time each year.
How nice it is to report that book III is almost ready to leave my hands. I keep tweaking it but must find the courage to just say STOP and let it go. I recently had dinner & good talk with author friend who told me that is also hard for her.
Next chore is writing bio, acknowledgements and a dedication (that is difficult for I could fill a page)
I am so joyous & thankful that my cousin, Scott, is starting to recover from the brain aneurysm that he suffered two weeks ago. Strong man filled with faith can do miracles.
Southern wisdom of the day: Southern is treating someone like they have money because their granddaddy once did. I can certainly relate. However that doesn’t pay the bills.
Now time for bed and the start of a new book. Thanks for reading.