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Tues Feb 17

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Hello Friends,
What experiences we have had since last I wrote–beautiful snowfall, hibernating for three days and then an earthquake. Are we still in South Carolina?
I enjoyed the snow days. I still have a teacher mentality and snow days are special treasures especially when not accompanied by power outage. Food lasted for the duration and I got work accomplished. I discovered a major flaw in manuscript that required a huge revision. I won’t give story away but it dealt with sequence of events. Think of putting on your shoes before your socks–it just won’t work. Well that was my discovery. I am very thankful for cutting and pasting.
Tomorrow I go to a Book Your Lunch sponsored by Fiction Addiction. Book is
Starter House by local author Sonja Condit. I don’t usually read ghost stories, but this one is a good read—if you like to be scared witless. I read during the snow time and even more thankful the lights did not go off.
There must be something in the Greenville water that produces writers, for Greenville has many excellent and successful authors. (present company excluded)
Progress report on Book III. One of my two very appreciated proof readers has finished her work and I have made corrections. Still shooting for completion by June 1. Think I have a title. Wish I could have your input but that gives too much of story away.
Now my Southern quote for this writing: Southern is having three thoroughly eccentric cousins. (In my family, I am sure to be on the list.)
I see the number of hits on blog rising each time I check. I love it. Please keep reading for you light up my life.

Feb 2 3:30

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

I think this is my first afternoon blog—hence I gave the time. I usually wait until all is done in the evening, but today I want to run something past you.
Branch—not the limbs on a tree—but the little area beside the offshoot of a creek that is covered with bushes and entwined vines. Have you ever crossed one? If you grew up in South Georgia, you know exactly what I mean. Boys loved to play there, but girls did not like the stickers.
Crossing a branch is mentioned in a chapter of Book III that is now with proof reader. She does an excellent job of interpreting my errors but this one had her stumped. She just market it with a large ?—Maybe she thought I meant they were flying from tree branch to tree branch. Well, as Myra would say, “She ain’t from around here.
That started me thinking of the many times I explain a word or saying as “It’s a Southern thing.”
This led me to a little book called “Southern Is” which I have kept on my coffee table for years. I want to share with you. Quote for today:
Southern is knowing for certain that you’re special—and not really being sure why.
More to come–I love these. Nostalgia for those born below the M&D and learning experience for those born above.

Progress report–Two friends are rapidly returning proofed pages, feeling excitement about publishing next summer AND I have a working title, but I won’t tell yet.

Thanks for checking in on me. You light up my life.