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Jan 24

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Hello Everyone, I hope you are warm and cozy. This is definitely a three dog night, but I am thankful to at least have a kitty in my lap. Dinner of potato soup and cornbread at home of neighbor. Nothing could have been better on this cold night. Must confess how stupid I have been. I know I am highly allergic to mangos. I found this out years ago right after I discovered how delicious they are. Found a dish of cottage with a side of mango. A little bit shouldn’t hurt–wrong. By next morning I had red splotches around both eyes and looked like a prize fighter who had lost the bout. This along with stinging and itching. To DR next day & med cleared up in three days. Why did I do this? There is only one word, and I used it above. Sorry to bore you with such but I haven’t been out much lately.
Work on book is really moving. I have two proof readers at work, and I am trying to stay ahead of them. Myra is more than ready to be with her friends.
Today I attended a very touching memorial service for a delightful and lovely lady. Rest in Peace, dear Julie. I am better from having known you.
Just completed reading Evergreen by Belva Plain, copyright 1978, 593 pages–how did I miss reading for all these years. Fantastic historical novel. I bought it for a quarter in a library book sale. Best quarter I have ever spent. I must pass it on.
This will be my first night without Evergreen.
I have a box of books waiting to be read, but I am not ready to give her up.
I will say good night, sleep warm and hope you are into a a good book.

Swainsboro Forest Blade 12/10/2014

Monday, January 6th, 2014

A walk around the square between Thanksgiving and Christmas during the 40’s & 50’s was filled with Joy and anticipation. This was in the days when Christmas shopping and decorating did not start before families gathered to give thanks for the blessings of family, freedom and daily bread.
During the weeks of December, Swainsboro’s store windows were decorated and displaying items only in supply at Christmas.
Toys filled shelves of Darlings and United Five and Ten. An array of beautiful baby dolls stood on risers in the front of both stores. Little girls walked past daily to view the doll they hoped to get from Santa. Bikes, wagons and skates were plentiful at the Western Auto. Trucks from Florida parked on the Boneyard offered oranges, tangerines and exotic kumquats. Fruitcake mix and spices filled store shelves. Bazemore’s Bakers offered special cookies in seasonal shapes. It was a magical time and seemed like months between the two holidays.
Mrs. Alpha Flanders, manager of the United Store, employed high school girls as extra help during the busiest days until Christmas Eve. During my time working for Mrs. Alpha, I saw the true spirit of Christmas in action. It was closing time Christmas Eve, doors locked and front lights out. Employees were gathered in back receiving pay checks when a banging came from the front door. We were anxious to get home to begin our Christmas and did not want another customer. Mrs. Alpha admitted the late comers who pleaded, “Please Mam, let us buy a little Christmas for our young’uns. The bossman didn’t pay me off in time to get here before you closed.”
Lights were turned back on. The couple was encouraged to browse the almost empty shelves and pick out a few toys. Mrs. Alpha was busy during this time filling a gift bag to the top with the choices candies in the case. That Christmas Eve night on the square THERE WAS ROOM IN THE INN.
Mrs. Alpha was the grandmother of a little boy named Butch who now represents us in the state house.

Sun 1/5/2014

Monday, January 6th, 2014

2014 how did you get here so soon when 1954 is still so fresh in my memory. Actually, even way before that. Following this will be the post of a little memory of mine that my beloved Swainsboro Forest Blade found fit to print. Ten hits since last I wrote. You didn’t forget me during the holidays. Nor did I forget you–I just had “things”. Great Christmas celebration on 12/22 with all of my family together for the first time in many years. Christmas Eve Mass at St Peter’s with family is always the heart of my Christmas. The next morning I drove to Columbia to have Chlristmas Day with Jeff & Carolyn and relished being able to spend the time with them actually without the hassle of flying some place far away. Thurs. evening my Columbia cousins came for dinner. My cup runneth over.
Returned home with a fever and racking cough. Two things I re-learned–go to the doctor–penicillin is still a wonder drug. I am much better now, but staying in out of the cold.
That’s enough about me and my resolution is NO VANITY IN 2014, I have considered that after reading an article. I do tend to sound proud of many things in my life, but when I expect (the key word here is expect) others to be proud of me–that’s vanity. Pride–good.
Vanity–vain and not good.
Now I will use the proud word because I am proud and happy that Joy in the Morning is now is the Greenville County Library in four locations. This makes it available for book clubs and readers who want to read without buying a costly book.
Myra thinks this is worthy of pride–but not vanity.
Good evening ahead–return of Downtown Abbey. My Sunday nights are booked for the next few weeks. Hope you are enjoying the beginning of a New Year of good
health, happy times and good reading.