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Nov 27

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

On Thanksgiving Eve I am very thankful that my internet is operating again so that I can send wishes for a Thanksgiving filled with family, peace & love to Myra’s friends who have checked in with her 577 times. I must give thanks for my brilliant daughter who got me out of the no woman’s land of no computer. She always knows what to do . Thanks to inheriting the technical mind of her father and good Erskine College education. This time it took several days longer than usual because it required a new modem & a few other things from server via UPS.
Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. It is a comfortable time to enjoy home, family, memories and count my many blessings. Not to leave out my favorite meal–turkey & dressing with lots of cranberry sauce. It does grieve me that this national day of thanks is swallowed up by shopping and Christmas displays. As you know, I believe firmly that everyone has the right to express their feelings, but couldn’t they wait just one more day.
I so wanted to talk with you on Nov 22. I was asked several times, “Where were you when you heard the news?” An editorial cartoon in the next day’s Greenville News gave the universal answer. Cartoon little fellow ask his grandfather the question and his answer was “Camelot.” Let it never be forgot that once there was a place called Camelot–will it ever be again.
Big family dinner tomorrow at my son’s home. My only chore is pecan pies, broccoli casserole and rolls. Dinner is in early evening, so I have not reason not to attend church service at 10:30.
Lovely snowflakes this morning for about an hour. Nice to sit, drink coffee and watch fall. Thankful for sunshine that kept the roads clear for travelers.
I also give thanks for Myra who has kept my mind filled with stories.
Now I have to stop and cook a lot of broccoli. I did not neglect my rabbit friends who visit from the woods behind my house. There were lots of broccoli scraps to put outside for them.
To each & everyone, I wish you all the goodness that Thanksgiving means.

Nov 19

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Hello to all, It is so good to know that I always have someone to talk with when things are going rotten or going well. Thank you.
Yesterday morning I woke with so much on my mind that I wanted to stay under the covers all day. One by one my problems were solved. By noon today I felt like I was in control again. I must remind myself of this each time I get overwhelmed. Step by step it all gets done and people come through as needed. How can I be concerned about such trivial inconveniences when others are suffering such tragedies. The Philippines is now getting help for which I am so thankful. Wish I could do more. They will not give up hope. I will always have a place in my heart for these dear people that I lived with for a short time.
So I am feeling quite good tonight and looking forward to up coming holidays and events. Celebrated tonight by inviting a good friend for dinner. She is the best of guests for she was happy to share cabbage & cornbread with me!!
I have spent all day with Myra and we are getting close to feeling ready for proofing. The new character is growing on me, and I am glad to have her help with the ending. Now have I peaked your interest?
Now to bed with book and kitty cat. It has been a good day.

Nov. 8 2013

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

Happy Birthday to someone I have know all of my life–ME. Well, I shouldn’t say I have know her. I don’t know if I know her now. However, she has had many good years and much to say Thank you for. Good day with calls & cards from family and friends, flowers and gifts. Thank you for making me feel loved. One of the highlights was visiting my 98 year old friend in nursing home to share a cup of Ben and Jerry’s. Tomorrow downtown brunch with the Ivybrooke “sisters”, and dinner with family. & Sunday to Little Theatre to see Clyde Edgerton’s “Walking Across Egypt” Just finished the book & must read all of his many, many books. Much fun and happiness.
Also I am deeply thankful for Myra’s friends who have visited the blog–hits up to 571. She is getting rather vain.
Working along on Book III. I now have two titles to consider and found lines from a hymn that I would like to use. It is not in public domain, so I have to get permission to use. Almost said to heck with that but decided to give it a try & e-mailed the copyright holder in England. Guess what–they answered immediately and said I would receive permission from their US affiliate in 2-3 weeks. It never hurts to ask. I hope I have intrigued your interest.
If you remember, I put out a warning of the danger of addiction to Spider solitaire. Now I have another–Klondike Solitaire. The icon is an inviting polar bear, but do not click. Once you start he is worse that the spider. He has gobbled up much of my time. Now I will say adios & maybe play just one game before bedtime.