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Oct. 29 Tues

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Hello, I always have the urge to blog after a really good book event. Myra & I visited the Newcomers Book Club on Monday. What fun to see a room filled with readers and all carrying both books. These are very serious readers and prepared for interesting discussion. I love being challenged to defend my the reason behind something I have written. However, sometimes I have to really thnk on my feet. Much interest in Book III and what the title will be. I reserve that for awhile. I think I know but will not tell for that will reveal too much about the story. I just love this!!
Fall is my favorite season–love the cool weather, leaves turning and wearing sweaters again. Memories of GA Tech football games in 1955 with my rambling wreck are cherished.
Halloween brings fun memories of teaching. October was filled with preparing and decorating. No on enjoys Halloween as much as special needs children. I have had so many good times.
Saturday our family gathers in High Point NC to see my great-grandson, Al, play in his “championship” football game and to celebrate his 9th birthday. Grandpa Al would be so excited.
Spending as much time as possible on book revisions. I am eager to get this book out. I do enjoy this work. I am content to sit at computer for hours, eating goldfish, drinking tea and talking to my imaginary people.
Very concerned about the 12 yr old nephew of my son-in-law. He is seriously ill with double pneumonia. Say a prayer for him. His name is Preston.
Now to bed and I hope sweet dreams.

Oct 15

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

I’m back and have lots to say. The past few weeks have been busy and rewarding for me. Starting with reunion of my cousins, The McIntyre Clan, in Augusta. We were there from the oldest (me) to the youngest, Lee & had lots of memories to share. Astonishing to sit in a room where almost everyone looks like you! Then down to hometown and visit to Coleman House where my books are displayed prominently & continuing to sell. Makes me very happy.
Last Thursday night, I was in McCormick SC with Friends of Library gathering in their outstanding library. This amazing group had sponsored the building of library, an attached playground and provide a used bookstore in the downtown. Reading is a real priority in McCormick. So impressed at what can be accomplished in a small town when folks care and work to give advantages to all.
Books were well received & Myra gained more loyal friends.
I love libraries and I love small towns—perfect setting.

I am very upset and sad about the shooting of USC freshman at Five Points which has left her paralyzed. She was struck by a random bullet while following her mother’s instructions & waiting for a cab to take her back to campus. She was a JL Mann classmate & friend of my granddaughter who is also USC freshman.
For those of you who are not familiar with Columbia. Five points has been a gathering area for generations of USC students. My granddaughter could have easily been the victim. How many of our children do we have to lose before the necessity for gun control regulations is realized. I could fill the page but I know I am preaching to the choir. Join us in surrounding Martha & her family with prayers.