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Sept 24

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Hello friends, Couldn’t resist temptation of peeking at hits and saw 9 more since last time. This encourages me to write–even when I don’t have much to say. I have accomplished much with Book III since last post. This book will definitely have a fan club of one (me). I told you that an uninvited character has taken over and much of the story becomes her story. I am dealing with her desire to be on the cover. Nothing of this is what I planned for Myra’s later years. However, she seems happy about her uprooting.
Big weekend ahead with reunion of McIntyre cousins in Augusta. I am the oldest of the grandchildren so I am the Matriarch. That means I have the most memory of long ago. After the cousin affair, my #1 cousin, Barbara & I go down to Norristown to spend a couple of days with our dear, Tootsie. I could stay there forever.
Love the twinge of fall weather we are having. Greenville is great in fall—leaves turning, drives to mountains, picking apples in Flat Rock, football and how about those Atlanta Braves!! And we are not at war. Life is good.
Slow news day, so a good night for a good book.

Sept 6 Friday night

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

Hello all,
Lunch today with my daughter to celebrate her birthday—I won’t say which because it makes me so-o-o old. Of course as a Georgian we marry & have families very young–do you buy that. Enjoyed food at one of Greenville’s great new restaurant, The Bacon Brothers on Pelham. Unique place serving farm fresh food–highly recommend.
Today would have been my mother’s birthday 101. She died as a beautiful young woman at 51. I miss her.
Ten hits since I last wrote. Thank you, whoever you are.
Now that I have given a restaurant review, I will give a book review. I just finished reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin for the first time. I question why it was not on a reading list for me in high school or college–but I think I know why. Tough to read but if you haven’t you should.
On a lighter note–Book III is moving swiftly. I am on my third read through, and I like it better each time. (of course, I would)
The time frame 1955-1974, turbulent times
but brought so much change. It is still Myra, but she now has these times brought right into her living room via TV. How do you think she reacts? You’ll have to read to find out. There is also a new strong character that I never meant to have a major voice. She has just demanded it and carries a lot of the story. I can’t control her but I know you will like her. Now, do I have you ready for No title Book III.
Looking forward to book club and an out of town library event in the next few weeks. I still “have books will travel”
Please call again. I love to know you have visited.
Enjoy the weekend.