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Sun July 21 Horray

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Haven’t visited blog since July 4.Missed you but have had complications. Poor ole Dell was on borrowed time and finally decided time had come. Decision made after spending time with Geek Squad and being told that revival was more expensive that the worth. As you know, change is hard for me so I reluctantly shopped Best Buy. Now, thanks to computer specialist daughter, I am all set up, and I love it. (I owe you something big, Erin)
During the down time, I think I had withdrawals and thought of so much I wanted to add to book III. I think I am getting a re-birth for I am so eager to write, write, write.
As with Joy, I found Bible verse to use in church (probably the most likely place) Today in sermon of our great Deacon Al Hipp, the verse jumped out at me. I won’t tell, but I think it is “the one”. Now maybe a title will come.
Also, today I celebrate the hits on blog going over 500. Just wish I knew who.
Great week ahead. Birthday of my grandson, Austin, anniversary of Erin & Pete and my childhood friend, Fran, will be visiting for a few days. We went to kindergarten together and have remained close. However, she is the one person that I do not allow alone with my family and current friends—she has too many stories to tell. She is the one who first heard me say, “I met this really cute, nice guy named Al Twiss.
Now back to playing catchup on the new computer.
Keep reading. You made my world brighter.

July 4, 2013

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Happy Birthday America his has always been a special day for me I love my country. There are times when she disturbs me, but I am thankful for the luck of being born an American.
Rainy, rainy day but can still look forward to my festivities since all are inside–BBQ at Bucky’s and a movie with friends.
Encouraging message from a reader and great friend of Myra’s urging me to finish Book III (which it seems destined to be titled) because she is ready to read more Myra. (thanks, Lynda) Oh how I want to do that. I am g