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May 15

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Enjoying the first lovely days of May. I love to see my small yard green and plants thriving. Everything looks especially good this year—maybe all that rain was needed.
Wonderful book event yesterday with PEO sisterhood. I just learned of this amazing organization and was so happy to meet them. Philantripic Educational Organization “Women Helping Women Reach for the stars”. What a perfect group for Myra. I was treated royally, great audience, good questions and many books sold and many reports of reading from library or a share for a friend. I love it. I think I talked too long but they seemed to want more. Thank you ladies.
Monday is Newcomers Book club. Never been invited there before so look forward to introducing them to Myra. This is another great organization that is a big service for newcomers. I have moved 11 times since leaving hometown, and in only one of those places was a Newcomers Club–Covington VA and have great memories of friendships I found there. Sorry Greenville, you only sent a Welcome Wagon lady to visit who gave me a goody bag of discounts on such services as drycleaning & a two for one dinner at a Chinese Restaurant near Furman which we could never find.
Granddaughter Alllison is counting down the days to her graduation on June 6. I am so proud of her. She is planning a career in helping others. USC be good to her.
I am giving more and more thought to the rest of Myra’s life. I do think I can make it fulfilling for her.
If any members of ST. Peter’s reads this—be sure and attend ACF on Sun at 9:30 forthe unveiling and blessing of our Mission Focus Wall. I did have a little hand in this, and I am quite proud. (not bragging just thankful)

May 3

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

In case you are losing interest in me after my confession of last night, I must tell that I am getting very “into” Book III. It was lagging and not holding my interest–until–I started dating each chapter starting with 1955, my era of many life changing events. So much happened during these years that was on the right side of history. Just don’t know how I will handle one of the grandchildren who gets down right rebellious!!
Also, faced that I cannot give up Spider Solitaire. I am very good at this. and my ego can use charging every evening.

May 1

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Way past sensible bed time, but I feel that I should give you a warning. DO NOT LET SPIDER SOLITAIRE INTO YOUR LIFE. It sits there with the games, looking very inviting, but once you click, you are hooked. You will finish your computer work and think, “I’ll just play one game to relax before I go to bed.” Oh no, it won’t stand for that. You will keep saying, “Just one more” and blink your eyes to stay awake. How do I rid myself of this monster. I do it just to see the confetti fall when I win 33% of the time!
I am shamed to say, “My name is Shirley and I am a Spider Solitaire Addict.” If you know of a support group, I will try
to rid myself of this vice.