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March 30

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Happy Easter to all, After a truly meaningful Holy Week , I look forward to greeting tomorrow with all the Joy of Easter. This has been a week of family for me. My son & his wife had a short visit from Philly. I had all three of my children sitting at my table for the first time in several years. Even granddog Woodrow was here.
Now I have a question to ask Myra’s friends. Is it time for Myra to learn to read? A bookclub memeber told me she was disappointed that this had not happened for she knew Myra was smart & would love to read. I do think I should give her the gift of reading in Book III. I just must find a way for her to believe that it could happen. You know she always referred to herself as “dumb as a post.” Of course, we know that isn’t true, but she has that concept of herself, so we must give her encouragement. Hopefully another of her angels will come along as a tutor.
I hope I can soon tell you Happy Spring.

March 23

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Cold, rainy day. Did not stick my head out except to pick up paper at the door. I love it. Palm Sunday tomorrow and beginning of Holy Week, a very special time. Each year I give up wine for Lent–a real sacrifice for me. Therefore, I know it is what I should give up.
Trying to write, but reading seems to be taking over. “A Slave in the White House” fascinating story and real paradox that James Madison, the father of the constitution and writer of Bill of Rights owned slaves. Good read.
Great visit with old friend, Jean Millett, who now lives in Winston Salem. Always miss her when she leaves. You hear that, Jean, so come back soon.
Now to bed with good book & cuddly kitty. Maybe more Myra tomorrow.

Sun 3/10

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Sun evening seems to have become my blog time. I always dread springing the clock ahead which made me get to church ten minutes late. I tried, but I hit that snooze a couple of times when it went off at 6:30 am—which body time was 5:30. I am a strong believer that arriving late is better that not arriving.
Had an hour long phone conversation with a friend who kept me laughing. I needed that, thanks Jackie.
Myra will be going out Wed to book club at home of one of my former principals. I am hoping that she does her best.
Fourth week of Lent and I am holding my “wine free ” sacrafice, but totally failed on the “novel free” . My downfall was visiting Fiction Addiction Sat. I bought three of Beth Templeton’s book fro children “A Coat named Spot.” Very good resource for helping our priviledged youngsters understand how some of their friends lives are different. Recommend it to all. Also had a good visit with Beth who is one of my real heroes or I guess heroines.
Then I weakened and bought novel that I had read about in March Newsletter, “A Slave in the White House” Intended to only read the Foreword and save content for after Lent. Well, you guessed it—I am out of control. Slave served in the White House with the Madisons. I have always felt Pres Madison was not as esteemed as he should be as the Father of the Constitution and always intrigued by The Magnificent Dolly, so I am breaking Lenten vow #2. Probably I should have stuck with only one.
Now I will sign off and work on Chapter IV of tale so far titled “I Don’t Know”.
Hope your week is good.

March 3

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Hello dear friends, There has been 415 hits from you—of course must subtract the times I have checked in. Exciting to hear from some one who has been there—thanks, Thiela, you made my day! Closing out a very satisfying day. Church and Sun School (which is now called Adult Christian Formation) was wonderful as always. Quick trip to restock food and have spent all afternoon clearing my desk of paperwork, good feeling—finishing just in time to blog and then watch my favorite TV show at 9:00. Miss “Downtown Abby”, but now can go back to “The Good Wife” For all who were upset by the last episode of DA, I have faith that Matthew WILL survive the auto crash that was the last scene–even if he did look really dead.
Trying hard to start writing on regular schedule. I do have a story that is coming clear, and yes Myra is back but older.
Looking forward to three events in spring.
March 13 with bookclub in the home of one of my former principals–love that.
May 14 with PEO sisterhood. That stands for Philanthropic Educational Organization. I was not familar with that so found out it was started in 1869 & purpose is “Women Helping Women Reach for the Stars”
That is awesome and look forward to meeting the sisters and hearing their discussion of Myra.
May 20 Myra & I visit Newcomers Club Bookclub.
Granddaughter, Allison, graduates from JL Mann HS on June 6, a proud but nostalgic day. What happened to that little girl who refused to wear shoes?? She is headed to USC so guess I will be a Gamecock.
Before settling in front of TV, I must make a decision, and I do hate decisions. Wish you were here to help me. Should I change servers for my bundled TV, phone, internet & cell???
The change will be cheaper, faster and do not have to change numbers—but I am always leery of change. I have all the facts so maybe I should sleep on it–yep that gives me more time. Hope I haven’t bored you with self-centered rambling. Good night and sleep well.