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Feb 8

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Granddaughter, Alli, here for weekend–fun to have her. Cooked chicken pot pie from recipe on Aunt Jemima pancake box and chocolate mousse right out of the JELLO box–I’m such a chef. We enjoyed and then watched a movie of her choice from the Red Box. Tomorrow night we are going out for Chinese & then watch The Help also her choice but think she had me in mind.
Myra has not shown her face in a few days but she’ll be back. Love Friday nights. I’m still in the teacher habits.
Happy Weekend.

Febuary 1 @013

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Pardon me for neglecting you so long. Tonight there were 19 new visit to the since the last time I looked. Sorry I wasn’t here. Now it has been more than a month—what was I thinking!!! Well there were the holidays, and I don’t know what happened to January. Good news is I haven’t been entirely idle. Booked three new book events. And Myra is struggling to have more life. I tried to write a collection of short stories but found that wasn’t what I wanted to do. From readers comments they want more Myra.
I realized there was still a lot to be told about her later years and that is the story. It feels good to be writing again. If time just doesn’t run out one me, I hope to have Book III. Quite cold in Greenville SC. One day of ice but so far no snow. Saw a very good movie today “Parker”, an action film which I never attend. Big attraction for this one is the set designer is my husband’s cousin’s son. I was surprised that I really enjoyed the film–good story line, great cast and of course those set designs were award winning. His name is Thomas Hammock. If I have intrigued you to see the movie, you must remain to see all of the credits. Near the end with be Thomas Hammock. Now I will close and work a little on Book III (so far I do not even have a working title, but it will come) Happy New Year of joy and peace’