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Sun 12/16

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

A rainy, dark, cold Sun afternoon—my kind of day because it gives me a chance to chatch up without the temptation of running out for any reason. Just finished all of my wrapping and under the tree. Suddenly, I am feeling a lot like Christmas. Since I last blogged, I have had some pleasant activities. I went to my hometown for the 200th birthday celebration and the day before visited Bear Creek Gift Shop in Tarrytown, GA to sell and sign books. This shop is a real delight and filled with out of the ordinary things with a real Georgia flair. It is on US 29 between Vidalia and Soperton. It is worth stopping if you happen to be in that area. Elaine Burns, the owner, will give you a glass of cider and a true south GA welcome. Big event of 12/8 was Bi-centennial celebration of Emanuel County, my home. This was very exciting and spirit filled for me, especially hearing one of my father’s newspaper columns read describing the Centennial celebration in 1912. I know he is happy knowing his memories are still being cherished.
All was not perfect on the trip. I seemed to carry bad luck with me–drove 30 miles down the road before realizing I had left my hanging bag of clothes and had to return—realizing Fri morning that I had left my supply of pills at home—this was quickly corrected by great pharmacist in Swainsboro giving me the needed pills—finally on Sat afternoon while driving through a graveyard (that is another story) I ruined a tire—before I could dial AAA three gool ole’ Emanuel County men had stopped to help and immediately changed the tire and told me to hurry to WalMart before closing to get another tire. We needed to call WalMart to be sure they had correct tire but did not know the number—who should then stop to help but a lady who had the number on the tip of her tongue. Except for buying unwanted new tire, all turned out well. Again I say only in Emanuel County.
Now I am ready to enjoy holidays with my family.
Thank you Tarrytown, thank you Emanuel County Historical Preservation Society, thank you pharmacist at Shop Rite and thank you to the good Samaritians who saved me on a little traveled road, close to darkness and in front of a graveyard.